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Majestic Pure Essential Oils Products

Majestic Pure Essential Oils

Essential oils are highly concentrated, steam-distilled or cold-pressed extracts of almost any part of a plant, such as seeds, flowers, fruit, leaves, stems, and roots. Millions of people use these for aromatherapy, benefiting from their ability to treat common health ailments like anxiety, congestion and joint pain.
Essential oils have psychological and physiological benefits. The most common ways to use essential oils are by breathing them in (inhalation/ Aromatherapy) or by applying them to the skin(topical).
Mostly Majestic Pure Essential oil Product range is used for aromatherapy to experience their psychological effects, such as stress relief.

What Essential Oils are available from Majestic Pure?

Majestic Pure products include a wide variety of Essential oils which are the most beneficial essential oils and can be used for multiple household, skin & health care. List of Essential oils in Majestic Pure Products:
Lavender Essential Oil
Peppermint Essential Oil
Clove Leaf Essential Oil
Rosemary Essential Oil
Myrrh Essential Oil
Frankincense Essential Oil
Lemon Essential Oil
⦁ Thyme Essential Oil
Bergamot Essential Oil
Geranium Essential Oil
Tea Tree Essential Oil
Jasmine Essential Oil
Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Why Majestic Pure Essential Oils?

Majestic Pure is a trusted brand producing a wide variety of cosmeceuticals including an array of essential oils made from 100% Pure and Natural ingredients.
How to use Majestic Pure Essential Oils?
The safest way to use oils is to dilute them for topical use or diffuse them for direct inhalation. When using topically essential oils should always be applied with a barrier substance (like an oil, lotion or aloe jelly. If using in a bath, it is even more important to mix the oils with a barrier substance first, as oil and water don’t mix.

Aroma Therapy /Inhaling essential oils
Using a waterless or water-based diffuser. Waterless diffusers are great for those with respiratory issues or immunocompromised states, as the deletion of water reduces the risk of waterborne bacteria being distributed.

How can I use Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals Essential Oils?
DON’T just rub them anywhere... Essential oils that are fine on your arms and legs may not be safe to put inside your mouth, nose, eyes, or private parts. Lemongrass, peppermint, and cinnamon bark are some examples.

Majestic Pure - Essential oils... DO and Don't
Just give it a try...

Simple smells such as lavender, Rosemary, and Frankincense may help keep you calm. You can breathe in or rub diluted versions of these oils on your skin. essential oils work by sending chemical messages to parts of the brain that affect mood and emotion. the aroma helps relax as the scents alone won’t take all your stress away.

Never apply essential oils directly.
Oils that are fine on your arms and legs may not be safe to put inside your mouth, nose, eyes, or private parts. Lemongrass, peppermint, and cinnamon bark are some examples.

Double Check for Quality.
Look for a trusted brand such as Majestic Pure Cosmeceutical that makes pure oils without anything added. You’re more likely to have an allergic reaction to oils that have other ingredients. Not all extras are bad. Some added carrier oil may be normal for certain more expensive essential oils.

Never Use On Damaged Skin.
Injured or inflamed skin will absorb more oil and may cause unwanted skin reactions. Undiluted oils, which you shouldn’t use at all, can be downright dangerous on damaged skin.

Always Store Safely.
Essential oils are highly concentrated and can cause serious health problems, especially if used at the wrong dose or in the wrong way. Just like anything else that little hands shouldn’t be able to reach, don't make your essential oils too handy. If you have young children, keep all essential oils locked away out of their sight and reach.    

Throwout Older Oils.
Never keep them for more than 3 years. Older oils are more likely to be spoiled because of exposure to oxygen. They may not work as well and could irritate your skin or cause an allergic reaction. If you see a big change in the way an oil looks, feels or smells, you should throw it out, because it has probably spoiled.
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