We’ve designed one of the most worthwhile bounty programs to reward our customers. You have the creative freedom to spread the word about Majestic Pure. In return, we pledge to give rewards valued at over $100,000 in total. 


1. Create videos, beauty tutorials, posts, tweets, etc. and talk about our products.  Post your content on social media or blogs
.  Contact magazines to get your content featured.  DM influencers and celebs to let them know about Majestic Pure. 

2. Submit links and screenshots of your content to us by August 1. Just shoot us an email at with BOUNTY PROGRAM as the subject. Use #majesticpurebounty in your posts. 

3. Our team will evaluate submissions and rank each on a scale of 1 to 5.


• Quality: How accurate, well-written, engaging, and informative your content was.
• Reach: How many likes, shares, retweets, and/or views your content achieved.

• Originality: If you planned, shot, and edited a high-quality video, your submission will have a higher value score than a simple tweet that achieved the same engagement.

• Success: If your content went viral, your article discussing Majestic Pure was published in a major newspaper, or you convinced a famous celebrity to talk about us, you’re pretty much guaranteed a score of 5. 


You’ll receive one or more of these rewards based on the value score of your submission to the bounty program and how that score ranks against the value scores of other submissions. 

Rank 1 receives a $25 Gift Card

Rank 2 receives a $50 Gift Card

Rank 3 receives a $100 Gift Card

Rank 4 receives a $250 Gift Card

Rank 5 receives a $500 Gift Card