Ultrasonic Diffuser

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Introducing Majestic Pure Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser! Pure Majestic combines cutting edge ultrasonic technology with an elegant design to provide you with the strong mist output, wider room coverage, longer run times, BPA safe material and automatic waterless safety features. Our cool mist technology uses no heat (which destroys the therapeutic properties of essential oil) to insure you experience the full therapeutic benefits of diffusing essential oils for softer skin, relaxing, calming, energizing and peaceful sleep.
  • Majestic Pure Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser with changing 7 Color LED light, 400ml - 500ml capacity.
  • Suitable for professional and at home uses, the auto-change light feature makes the room feel more relaxing and beautiful.
  • Ultrasonic diffuser dispenses essential oils into the air using high frequencies. It separates the essential oils into small particles producing a micro-mist that is circulated into the atmosphere in your favorite room.
  • 1 Hour / 3 Hour / 6 Hour Timer Settings
  • Automatic Shut-Off when Low-Water.
  • Continuous and Intermittent Setting.
  • Measuring Cup and Power Cord Included.
  • No Heat.
  • BPA Free.

1. Open the cover
2. Connecting the docket
3. Add the water and essential oil
4. Close the cover
5. Select the light
6. Select the time

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