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December 07, 2016 2 min read


Thyme is a must-have in the kitchen, but did you also know that thyme oil can provide powerful mental and emotional benefits? That’s right. The same herb that you use to season your chicken can also help you maximize your mental performance and leave you feeling more refreshed and ready to take on the day.

 Mental Benefits of Thyme Essential Oil

Thyme essential oil is an effective way to naturally treat stress and reduce restlessness. The oil helps to relax the body and allow the lungs, veins, and mind to open. As the body opens up, it can begin to function more optimally, allowing you to release tension, relive anxiety, and find a peaceful state of relaxation. Many have also found the oil effective as a natural antidepressant.Thyme essential oil also acts as a natural memory booster. Using the oil as part of aromatherapy can help an individual increase concentration and brain power, thus improving work efficiency and creativity. The oil’s stimulation properties not only make it great for improving blood circulation and increasing metabolism, but it can also help promote focus and reenergize the mind.


Majestic Pure Thyme Essential Oil

Emotional Benefits of Thyme Essential Oil

Thyme essential oil also has some powerful emotional benefits that can prevent uneasy feelings and help give you the motivation you need to take on anything that the day might bring your way. It can be used to strengthen positive emotions by boosting feelings of courage and uplifting your mood. This oil has also been known to help keep nightmares and other negative emotions at bay. In fact, thyme essential oil is known as the oil of releasing and forgiveness. Many people use this oil to help cleanse negative or blocked emotions. This oil helps cleanse negative emotions like anger and resentment to help individuals let go of these feelings and move forward in a positive manner. Mental and emotional health are important in achieving and maintaining overall wellness. This makes thyme essential oil, a great oil to keep on hand when you need to refocus your mental energy and find a natural and gentle pick-me-up. The oil is also used to treat a variety of health problems including muscle pain, poor circulation, respiratory conditions, hair loss, skin issues, kidney problems, and even parasites.To take advantage of these benefits, you can use thyme essential oil in a diffuser or apply topically. If you are applying this oil to the skin, be sure to use a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil to maximize benefits and reduce irritation. All of our oils at Majestic Pure are 100% pure, natural, and therapeutic grade with no additives or dilution, providing you with the very best oils on the market.

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