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How to Use Jasmine Essential Oil For the Most Benefits

Jasmine essential oil is a sweet and aromatic oil that’s derived from the night-blooming white flowers of the jasmine plant. Jasmine oil has a long and venerated history as the king of essential oils. It’s used is used in almost every perfume formulation in the world, due to its equally masculine and feminine notes. Even with all the romance surrounding the scent of jasmine, however, it is in practical applications that it truly earns its royal title.

Jasmine for Skin Care

Jasmine essential oil is ideally suited for skin care. Its components are effective for dry skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema, which is why jasmine is often in ingredient in commercial lotions that treat these conditions. To implement the healing properties of jasmine at home for skin care, the simplest way is to add four or five drops of jasmine essential oil into your favorite jar of unscented skin lotion. Stir well and use as normal.

Used topically, jasmine essential oil is also an effective reliever of cramps due to menstrual pain and spasms. To use, make a poultice with a cloth dampened with warm water and a few drops of jasmine essential oil. Lay down with the cloth applied to the area where you are experiencing the cramping. Relief should begin soon, possibly within 15 minutes, depending on the level of pain. For continual relief, apply a commercial lotion that has been infused with jasmine essential oil to help prevent pain from returning.

Jasmine in Aromatherapy

The scent of jasmine essential oil deeply resonates with people on a mental and emotional level. Research has shown that jasmine promotes the beta rhythms in the brain that are closely associated with mental activity and alertness. As such, jasmine tea is popular with people who enjoy a warm drink in the morning to help wake up. To use jasmine essential oil for alertness, you can simply wave the bottle under your nose and inhale the sweet scent directly. Be sure to always select essential oils that are 100% pure, natural, and therapeutic grade with no additives or dilution. Remember that you want anything that enters your body to be as pure as possible.

Benefits for Lifting Mood

Jasmine essential oil has a wonderful effect of lifting the mood. The essential oil is used when stress and other life concerns have made decision making difficult, or when hope has been lost. If you or a loved one suffers with mental lethargy or emotional distraught, consider using jasmine essential oil to help gain perspective and be able to live life to the fullest again. One particularly pleasant way to enjoy the scent of jasmine is to use an ultrasonic air diffuser. This device uses just a few drops of essential oil to scent your entire house. It’s a wonderful and simple way to achieve a calming atmosphere within the home.

Jasmine essential oil can be used to help alleviate many more symptoms, including creative block, addiction, and general tiredness. This king of essential oils should certainly be one of your basic oils that you always have on hand. The more you use jasmine essential oil, the more uses you will find for it. Jasmine oil can be used to treat anxiety, nervousness, skin rashes, stretch marks and more. For more ideas about how to use jasmine essential oils, please contact us today.

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