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January 13, 2020 4 min read

Healthy and shiny hair is a recognized standard of beauty and health all around the world. Hair loss and hair thinning is often distressing and can significantly affect a person's self-esteem. In majority of the cases, hair loss and hair thinning are not related to health issues. In fact, hair loss can happen due to many reasons, and it is common in both men and women. Typically, hair loss is related to genetics, aging, stress, hormonal changes, environmental damage, and specific hair treatments. However, to reduce hair loss and hair thinning, determining the underlying cause is essential.

There are many viable solutions to help prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. In particular, Majestic Pure's Hair Loss Shampoo is carefully crafted using healthy and natural ingredients that are known for supporting healthy hair. It contains essential oils, vitamins, argan oil, and herbal extracts that are known to be beneficial for hair's health. It is free from harsh chemicals and is potent in providing shine, thickness, and volume to hair. Whereas, shampoos with harsh chemicals such as parabens and sulfates can cause adverse effects on the hair's health and irritate the scalp. The benefits of healthy ingredients in Majestic Pure's Hair Loss Shampoo are discussed below:

Biotin and Niacin

Biotin is known as vitamin H, and it is water-soluble. It belongs to the vitamin B family. Biotin is an essential constituent of enzymes in the human body that converts certain substances into energy. It helps maintain the health of hair, skin, and nails. Low biotin levels in the human body can cause hair loss and thinning of hair. Therefore, to obtain the health benefits of biotin and help prevent hair loss, balancing biotin levels is necessary.

Niacin is an essential human nutrient. It is known as vitamin B3. Niacin plays a critical role in converting carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into energy. Moreover, it is responsible for maintaining the health of the nervous system, improves blood circulation, and balances cholesterol levels. Niacin is also essential for maintaining healthy hair and skin. Niacin deficiency can cause hair fall, hair thinning, and skin rashes. Therefore, the shampoos that contain vitamins such as biotin and niacin can help prevent hair loss and promote voluminous, thicker, and healthy hair.

Majestic Pure Essential Oils

Healthy hair requires nourishment and moisturization. Essential oils are the known source of moisturization for the scalp and hair with little to no side effects. Moreover, they have natural medicinal benefits that help improve scalp's health and provide hydration, nourishment, and strength to hair follicles. The extensive health and wellness benefits of essential oils have been utilized since ancient times. The advantages of these oils are still being harnessed in the preparation of hair-care products today. In particular, the essential oils such as clary sage oil, Polygonum multiflorum root oil, Citrus medica limonumoil and black seed oil are effective in promoting hair growth.

Clary Sage Oil: It is known to moisturize dry scalp and balance the sebum production. Majestic Pure's Clary sage oil is known for its antioxidant and antibacterial properties that help cleanse the scalp and combat dandruff. Furthermore, it also helps fortify hair follicles and boosts the scalp's health.

Polygonum Multiflorum Root Oil: This oil is extracted from a popular herb named Polygonum multiflorum used in traditional Chinese medicines. It is believed to help enhance the scalp's health and encourage hair growth because it contains Torachrysone-8-O-β-D-glucoside in its chemical composition. Torachrysone-8-O-β-D-glucoside is a compound that increases the production of dermal papilla cells. Dermal papilla cells play a vital role in hair growth as it brings oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles hence helps to strengthen its health.

Citrus Medica Limonum Oil: It has astringent, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties that help improve the scalp's health by minimizing dryness. It is a natural source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is vital in boosting collagen production that is necessary for the appearance of healthy, shiny, and thicker hair strands.

Black Seed Oil: Black seed oil is well-reputed for providing hydration and nourishment to the scalp. It has palmitic acid that has powerful moisturizing abilities. It penetrates the scalp and helps soften hair without leaving a greasy or sticky residue.

Majestic Pure's Argan Essential Oil:It is extracted from the argan tree popularly known as the 'The Tree of Life' due to its many healing properties. It has linoleic acid in its chemical composition that helps nourish hair with moisture and promotes hair growth. It also exhibits anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that boost the scalp's health. Moreover, argan oil also has palmitic acid that supports softer and shinier- looking hair. Furthermore, it helps regulate the sebum production on the scalp and helps in conditioning hair strands.  Due to argan oil's countless benefits that improve hair's health, it is a staple ingredient in shampoos and conditioners.


Typically, most people lose around 100 to 125 hair strands per day. If the shedding accelerates, it can be due to stress, illness, and medicationsamong other factors. However, with the right kind of nutrition, healthy lifestyle, and treatments, the problem of hair thinning and excessive hair loss can be prevented. In this regard, a shampoo containing healthy ingredients and lesser harsh chemicals is important for a good hair care routine. An effective shampoo can help provide volume to your hair, improve scalp's health and, strengthen the hair follicles.


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