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Aromatherapy: Ways to Use Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for centuries in aromatherapy. If you’re interested in learning how to use your collection of essential oils for your own aromatic and health purposes, you’ll be glad to know you have many options.

Using Essential Oils in a Diffuser

A diffuser is an appliance that plugs into the wall and diffuses your chosen fragrance into the room. You would fill the diffuser with filtered water, add several drops of essential oils, and then turn it on. A mist of water infused with the essential oil fragrance is emitted into your room’s atmosphere. Though the process sounds very technical, essential oil diffusers are very holistic and therapeutic. The sound of the mist entering the atmosphere is very pleasing in and of itself. Many diffusers come with a small lamp, so you can turn out the lights and enjoy the soft glow. The scent that you choose to use in your diffuser will have its own unique effects, too. Lavender imparts a serenity of mind, peppermint typically makes for a happy environment, citrus essential oils like grapefruit and bergamot bring clarity. The diffuser is an easy and fast way to incorporate essential oils into your busy daily living routine when you have little time for yourself.

Using Diffuser Reed Sticks

If you dislike the thought of plugging in yet another appliance in your home, or simply would like another option, consider using diffuser reed sticks. Reed diffusers are made of wood. Sometimes they are made of bamboo. You place them vertically in a vase or jar, with the bottoms dipped in a solution of carrier oil and your essential oil of choice. The veins inside the reeds carry the oil up through the reed, where they meet with oxygen and then the fragrance is released into the air. There are many benefits to diffuser reed sticks to scent a room versus a scented candle. First, there is no flame. Second, there is no soot to land on your ceiling. Diffuser reed sticks can be used in environments where you don’t have or want any electricity, such as in a meditation room or in a child’s play area. They make no sound, and use no energy. You can enjoy the aromatherapy of diffuser reed sticks without the fuss and bother of any appliance.

Creating Smelling Salts

Smelling salts are small bottles of salt that have been infused with essential oils. Not just for fainting women anymore, smelling salts can uplift the senses and invigorate the mind. Most people are sensitive to the scent of essential oils, so if you do choose to make some smelling salts and use them, be sure to go slowly with them. Essential oils are very powerful and potent. They can’t be inhaled vigorously. Instead, the bottle of smelling salts should be waved ever so gently beneath the nostrils so that only a faint whiff of the smelling salts reaches the nose.

Now you have three ways to practice aromatherapy and know more about learning how to use essential oils. Each of these methods has its place. Whichever one you choose, you will be sure to reap the tremendous benefits of essential oils offer.

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  • E W Riggs

    I had been wondering how best to use my diffuser. thank you.

  • Mayra Cortez


    Are your essential oils high therapeutic grade? And are some oils safe to ingest?

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