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7 Jojoba Oil Benefits for Your Skincare Routine

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your skincare routine but don’t know where to start, then we might have just the right ingredient for you! 

Majestic Pure understands that choosing one out of the dozens of versatile oils out there to add to your routine can be a difficult task. So, we are here to help. 

We have got a magic potion that is equally good for your hair and skin - with endless other benefits, it is none other than: Jojoba Oil

That’s right! This natural carrier oil holds profound benefits for your skin primarily. 

We have curated a list of seven ways in which you can use jojoba oil to your advantage.

1. Incredibly Moisturizing 

Is your skin feeling dry lately? Jojoba oil is an incredibly moisturizing carrier oil that acts as a natural conditioner for the face. It contains Vitamin E, which provides nourishment to the skin, giving it that healthy glow. One simple way to use jojoba oil is with your favorite moisturizer! 

All you have to do is add two drops of jojoba oil to a good amount of your moisturizer, cream, or lotion. Leave this mixture on your face all day. Doing this daily will promote softer and smoother skin. 

2. Helps Soften Skin

This versatile oil contains numerous fatty acids that have emollient properties. These fatty acids not only restore nourishment to the skin but also help to soothe rough cuticles. Massaging a few drops of oil onto your face in smooth circular motions every day can do wonders. 

When you’re done tending to your face, massage the remaining oil onto your neck, hands, and feet. This will leave other parts of your skin feeling nourished as well! 

3. Jojoba’s Kiss 

    It is essential to get creative with your everyday skincare routine. Jojoba oil can effectively moisturize your entire face, leaving no dry patch behind. Take lips, for example, Majestic Pure Jojoba Oil can deliver advanced care for lips by moisturizing the area generously. 

    Simply take one drop of the oil and apply it to your lips using your index finger. Leave it on overnight for luscious and smooth lips in the morning! 

    4. Take Off My Makeup! 

      After a long day, we sometimes crash into bed with the entire day’s makeup clinging to the face. It’s crucial that you take off your makeup before you sleep; otherwise, it could clog your pores! If you don’t want the hassle, use jojoba oil as your personal makeup removing assistant! 

      Take a trusted cotton pad and add three drops of jojoba oil onto it. Then, gently rub the cotton pad all over your face to remove eye and face makeup. When you open your eyes, your makeup will be on the cotton pad instead of your face. Voila, like magic! 

      5. Soothes Inflammation 

        Getting scorched by the sun is quite common if you’re not careful. If the sun wasn’t good for our health, we would probably avoid it as much as possible! Jojoba oil is here to make going out in the sun less of a chore. It helps to calm inflammation and has antioxidant properties that protects the skin from UV radiations from the sun. 

        Simply apply two drops of this magic oil onto your face, arms and legs before going out. Alternatively, you may add two drops of jojoba oil to your sunscreen to create the best mixture to protect your skin. 

        6. Promotes Skin Suppleness 

          Jojoba oil contains Vitamin B complex that is known to promote elasticity and firmness of the skin. It also promotes moisture retention in the skin, thereby maintaining the elasticity. One way to take advantage of these properties of jojoba oil is to apply a few drops of jojoba oil onto a body brush and rub it all over your body. 

          Additionally, you could scrub your face very lightly in circular motions using the same body brush for better absorption. 

          7. Lightweight Oil 

            The composition of jojoba oil resembles that of sebum in the skin. It is lightweight and does not clog your pores. Moreover, it is rich in iodine with antioxidant properties that protect the skin from acne-causing bacteria. Application of the oil is easy, and a few drops are enough to get the job done. 

            So there you have it – Seven benefits of jojoba oil that you can use in your face care routine! Try out  Majestic Pure Jojoba Oil today and reinvent your routine. 

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