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girl with afro hair switch to clean beauty things you need to know

Why Switch to Clean Beauty - 5 Things You Need to Know

We all want the best for our skin, even if that means taking time out of our busy schedules and establishing a five-step skincare routine. But if the very products you use to address the imperfections and boost the resilience are doing just the opposite? What if these products only expose your skin to harsh chemicals that may cause long-term damage? What if the skin issues you are trying to correct result from toxins used in your skincare products? That’s why you must take matters into your hand and decide the best for your skin—Switch To Clean Beauty. 

But before you switch to clean beauty, learn a few things about it: 

1. What Is Clean Beauty? 

    Let's cut to the chase and make it simple by avoiding unnecessary cosmetic jargon. Any beauty, personal hygiene, or hair care product made with safe, pure, and natural ingredients is a clean product. For a product to be called a clean beauty product, no harsh chemicals, toxins, or irritants should be there in the formula. 

    What Is Clean Beauty

    To answer why we are avoiding chemicals and how chemicals disturb skin health, here is an explanation: The ingredients used in the skincare products are absorbed by your skin which then enters the bloodstream and become a part of the body. If the ingredients applied to your skin have chemicals and toxins, they can lead to allergies, irritations, skin concerns, congenital disabilities, health issues, and even cancer. 

    2. Which Ingredients To Avoid? 

      While the concept behind creating clean beauty products is to avoid all harmful chemicals altogether, there are still a few ingredients used in clean products that are not “100% clean”. Here are five ingredients that you should always keep your skin away from:

      • Phthalates

      Phthalates are plasticizers used in cosmetics products to increase their durability. They disrupt the endocrine system and increase the risk of breast cancer. Commonly, phthalates are present in soaps, shampoo, hair sprays, deodorants, and lotions. Companies enlist phthalates under the fragrances. 

      • Toluene

      Toluene is a clear and colorless liquid with a sweet odor used in cosmetics to help dissolve other substances and improve the smoothness of the product like the nail polishes. It can cause nose irritation, headaches, dizziness, tiredness, and affect the respiratory system.

      • Propylene Glycol

      It is a synthetic liquid with a high affinity for water used in skincare products to improve its moisturizing ability. This liquid is known to cause hives and dermatitis.

      • BH & BHT

      These are synthetic antioxidants included in lipsticks and moisturizers as preservatives, and they can cause allergic reactions and disrupt the endocrine system.

      3. Understand Your Skin’s Needs

        Everyone has a different skin type and specific skin concerns. The formula which worked for a friend might not work for you. When you switch to clean beauty products, bear in mind that the results won't be instant, and you may have to learn about your skin needs all over again. You need to find the formula, nutrients, and the set of natural ingredients which work to resolve the issues you are trying to address. For example, Vitamin C Serums help reduce the appearance of blemishes and improve the complexion. On the flip side, Aloe Vera Gel exfoliates the skin and soothes dry and itchy skin. Whereas Rosehip Oil is an excellent moisturizer and emollient that smooths the look of wrinkles and fine lines for softer and younger-looking skin. Therefore, first, understand your skin’s needs and existing concerns and pick a clean beauty product for you. 

        Understand Your Skin’s Needs

        4. Believe In Innovation

          The clean beauty industry is creative and progressive, and it believes in research, science-backed formulas, and strict quality standards. It keeps on exploring more high-performance ingredients that can benefit you. A new component can come into the scene but might be powerful enough to enhance the look and feel of the skin. So, with clean beauty, expect innovation, and there is nothing wrong with trying more ingredients for better results. 

          5. Be Patient and Consistent

            Expecting overnight results from a skincare product is a recipe for disappointment. Makeup allows you to experience instant gratification but not skincare. Especially clean beauty products take a long time to deliver results because they do not contain abrasive chemicals. You will notice changes on the surface level, and the real changes will occur in 1-3 months. Ultimately, pure ingredients will give your skin a glow like never before. 

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            If you finally decided to switch to clean beauty products, you are in the right place. Majestic Pure is committed to providing safe, authentic, and nature-approved ingredients that are good for your skin and body. You can restore your skin to its most balanced and resilient state with us. Visit our online store!

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