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pouring Jamaican black castor oil

MP Trial Team (Jamaican Black/Castor)

If there is an elixir of beauty, then it would surely be castor oil

A deeply moisturizing, nutrient-rich, restorative, and rejuvenating oil that enhances the skin’s natural radiance and maintains a silky composure of hair. No wonder why castor oil has remained a favorite cosmetic ingredient for diverse cultures from generation to generation.   

What makes castor oil so special is that it is an incredibly versatile moisturizer and emollient. It is known to improve skin’s hydration levels, encourage supple and firm texture, making it appear more even-toned and vibrant. Enhancing visibly thicker, stronger lashes and brows are also one of its renowned traits. 

women holding Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Besides, in haircare, castor oil's hair-conditioning and strengthening properties are unmatchable. It even makes flaky, dehydrated skin around the nails and cuticles feel soft and smooth. 

Majestic Pure went all the way to Jamaica to get hold of the best quality Ricinus Communis (castor beans) to cold press and extract 100% pure and natural Jamaican Black Castor Oil

We even set up a trial team to test and evaluate the performance of Jamaican Castor Oil and to exhibit its many benefits so you can make an easy choice. 

Women holding and reviewing Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Here are the responses that a few of our trial team members sent in:

“It has made my eyelashes much longer, and much stronger [and that] used to fall off very easily before using this oil on them. It also has helped my hair look shinier and healthier. I would definitely recommend using Majestic Pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil for your hair.” is what our trial member Melissa has to say.

Another of our team members, Yaritzi, shared a detailed experience using this magical oil.

“While ago, I bleached my hair, and it was damaged, frizzy, and had split ends. Even when I would cut it, that never helped for very long. I didn't want to use harsh chemicals on my hair anymore. So I chose Majestic Pure Castor Oil because it is 100% natural. After I used it for the very first time, my hair felt a lot softer, and it wasn’t frizzy all the time. I also use it for my skin, especially for my cuticles, because my skin gets really dry in the wintertime, and my hands are really scratchy. This has helped a lot in both my hair and skin. My hands are softer. And also, a little bit of Majestic Pure Castor Oil goes a long way. My whole family uses it.” 


With its profound and extensive benefits, castor oil can help you with dryness, dull complexion, wrinkles, fine lines, irritated scalp, rough hair, and whatnot. Since we are more appreciative of additive-free products today than ever before, Jamaican Black Castor Oil is one strong contender that deserves a place in your vanity. 

“I have been using this oil for a month and a half. It has been giving my hair a source to stay nourished and hydrated.” For Andrea, Jamaican Black Castor Oil is all about that hair transition!

Due to obvious reasonsthe rise in pollution, impurities, bacteria, and free radicals, the need to go on chemical detox in beauty care is much needed. Natural and pure products keep the skin and hair resilient against aggressors. And what could be a better option to preserve your natural beauty than the ever-nurturing castor oil? 

This one-in-all oil helps with skin, hair, nails, eyelashes, brows, cuticles and is an excellent carrier massage oil. There wouldn’t be a more versatile beauty product than Jamaican Black Castor Oil; that is a given!

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