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How to Use a Pre-Shave Oil for the Smoothest Finish

Over the last decade, the beard trend has taken over, and we dont see it going away in the foreseeable future. Yet the clean-shaven, well-groomed, and elegant look always set a decent impression and will never be out of fashion. Be it in professional milieus, social settings, or corporate life, a freshly shaved face is highly appreciatedlest you know how to shave correctly. 

Maintaining a clean-cut and smooth face is an everyday task. The second you make a mistake while shaving, you will have a nick, cut, bruise, rash, or burn on your skin to deal with for the entire day. To ensure easy razor glide, comfortable experience, and close finish, you can take the help of a Pre Shave Oil. 

Benefits Of Using A Pre-Shave Oil

In this guide, we will explain the benefits of pre-shave oil and how to use it:

Benefits Of Using A Pre-Shave Oil

A few drops of pre-shave oil help you avoid a lot of undesirable side effects of shaving. It lubricates, softens, and conditions your hair for a seamless razor stroke and optimal results. Here are the main benefits of using a pre-shave oil:

  • Improved Razor Glide for Sleek Shave
  •  Pre-shave oil is usually made of carrier oils, nutrients, and natural moisturizers to soothe dryness, reduce resistance, and allow you to achieve superior shave. 

  • Softens and Lifts Hair Ingrown Hair
  • Some of the ingrown and undeveloped hair remains uncut during the shaving process. Moisturizing your beard with pre-shave oil helps sweep the bristles upwards and soften them for a closer cut and smoother finish. 

  • Provide Maximum Protection
  • When you drag a sharp blade on dry skin, it increases the chances of creating tiny cuts. The bacteria, impurities and the blood released from the cuts travel to other skin patches with the razor, increasing the risk of infections. Lubricating your skin with an oil before shaving reduces your chances of infections that can occur due to dryness. 

  • Reduces the likelihood of  Irritations
  • The ultra-moisturizing powers of pre-shave oils prepare your skin to undergo the vigorous process of shaving. Apart from removing the hair, the razors also peel off a thin layer of your skin. If the skin beneath your beard is dehydrated, disturbed, and damaged, shaving will contribute to irritations and sensitivity. Pre-shave oils restore your skin’s hydration levels, exfoliate dead cells, and support a refreshed and relaxed surface for shaving, hence lesser chances of irritations. 

  • Boosts Hair Resilience and Fresh Complexion
  • If you happen to find a lightweight, nurturing, and hair-smoothing formula like Premium Pre Shave Oil, you can make your shaving process quick and less painful while improving your hair resilience and vitality. It contains a super-hydrating blend of essential oils, aloe vera gel, and vitamin E that also gives you a visibly clear and fresh complexion. Altogether, this luxury grooming product is a moisturizing treat for both your hair and skin. 

    How To Use Pre-Shave Oil for Smoothest Finish

    How To Use Pre-Shave Oil for Smoothest Finish?

    To Shave With A Razor Blade:

    • Moist your beard with warm water
    • Wash your face with a moisturizing facial cleanser 
    • Apply a small amount of pre-shave oil 
    • Massage the oil well until fully absorbed
    • Apply shaving cream on top of the oil (optional)
    • Shave with a clean, sharp razor in the direction of hair growth
    • Rinse the razor with warm water between strokes
    • Wash your face with cold water and pat dry with a clean towel

    To Shave With An Electric Razor

    • Take a small amount of pre-shave oil 
    • Apply the oil over the area to be shaved
    • Massage the oil until fully absorbed
    • Wait for 2-3 minutes for the oil to soften the strands
    • Use the electric razor to shave
    • Wash your face with cold water and dry with a clean towel

    To Conclude:

    Taking care of your facial skin is extremely important because it represents you. The cuts, nicks, and bruises that occur during shaving leave scars that take a long to fade. You can prevent razor bumps and burn by providing moisture to the skin beneath the hair before shaving with pre-shave oil—the result: a refreshed and radiant glow and smoothest finish. 

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