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How to get strong nails and soft cuticles naturally

How to get strong nails and soft cuticles naturally


You just had a perfect manicure, and your nail breaks! That can create some commotion (We understand). So, how can you avoid such incidents? There's a simple solution that is not too far-fetched. It is simply taking good care of your nails. Our nails become brittle and flaky due to constant on and off usage of chemicals and inconsistent dietary habits, making the nails brittle. 

If you have dry, rough, and flaky nails even after constant effort, we feel your pain. The critical question arises, " How can you make your nails stronger and thicker?" 

We have enlisted the most accessible at-home techniques you can apply to have strong, resilient nails and healthy cuticles at home without spending hefty sums on salon treatments. 

7 Tips to Strengthen Your Nails and Soften your Cuticles

We have seven top-notch tips to help you have those soft cuticles and make your nails stronger at home. Let's walk you through those tips. 

balanced diet for strong nails and soft cuticles

1-Balanced Diet

The importance of a diet that has balanced nutrients and minerals cannot be emphasized enough. Make sure you're eating the right portions of greens and proteins. 

Having a varied diet with a rich mineral and nutrient content can keep your body and your nails healthy. Strong nails are just around the corner, but you need to make some drastic changes to your diet. Skip those greasy foods; choose something healthy. Taking care of your diet and health is a crucial part of overall well-being—Your nails are no different! 

hydration for strong nail


Water is the holy grail for our bodies. Keeping our bodies perfectly hydrated can eliminate half of our health issues. 

Drinking ample quantities of water is essential for good health and keeps your nails stronger and longer. Any compromise on your water intake can make your nails dry and brittle. Dehydrated nails are more prone to peel and break. So, fill up your bottles and drink up lots of water whenever you get a chance. Hydrated nails are more resilient and robust. Having gorgeous nails is no piece of cake; you need healthy habits to extract any change from your body.

cuticle oil

3-Cuticle Oil

You don't need expensive high-end products to keep your nails and cuticles healthy and beautiful. It would be best if you had the perfect hydration for your nails. One decent way to keep your nails hydrated and strong is cuticle oil. It hydrates your nail bed and keeps your cuticles soft and nails strong. You can use simple oils like Majestic Pure Jojoba Oil on your nails. Apply this oil on your nails and massage into your cuticles to rejuvenate their lost glory. You also use olive oil, coconut oil, or any other mineral oil as a moisturizing option to strengthen nails. You can follow a simple recipe for revitalizing your nails.

  • Heat ½ cup Majestic Pure Coconut Oil for 30 seconds.
  • Place the solution in a bowl and soak your fingers in it for around 10 to 15 minutes. 
  • Use a pumice stone later to smooth calluses 
  • Follow with a nice hydrating lotion—the best way to pamper your cuticles.

Biotin Supplements for strong nails

4-Biotin Supplements

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin, which is not stored by the body. It is an essential vitamin that needs to be ensured in your diet. Biotin, also known as vitamin B-7, has excellent benefits for hair, nails, and your nervous system. This vitamin is present in legumes, eggs, and fish like sardines. Study shows that brittle nails prone to breakage might be a sign of biotin deficiency. If that's the case, then you should supplement your diet with an additional dose of this power-packed vitamin to keep your nails tough and rigid. 

Vitamins for strong nails are the best food and investment for them. So invest in good supplements for the health of your nails. Vitamin B-9, also known as folic acid, is also an essential food for nail growth. This vitamin improves and multiplies the cells and speeds up growth. 

file them right

5-File them Right

Grooming your nails correctly and with precision plays a significant role in nail health and strength. Filing in the right direction can play an enormous role in minimizing uncalled nail breakage. You should invest in a good nail file to prevent the splitting of nails. A soft nail file with a fine grade like (400-600 grit) is the best choice for more durable results. Also, be careful not to file roughly or in back and forth motion. File in one direction, in swift movements, with gentle strokes from edge to the center. 

natural nail polish for strong nails

6-Natural Nail Polish

Going chemical-free and giving your nails a break is very important. Many toxic chemicals like acetone are present in nail polish removers. Daily application of nail polish removers can leave your nails dry, thin, and brittle. Chemicals can strip the nails of their natural oils and can cause nail breakage and tearing. Majestic Pure Soy Nail Polish Remover is acetone/acetate-free. It is a non-toxic, cruelty-free nail polish remover containing natural-based non-greasy oils which are lightweight. Soy moisturizes the cuticles and nourishes and conditions the nail bed.  

nail care treatment

7-Nail Care Treatments

Having perfectly shaped, strong, and shiny nails give such a classy impact to your whole persona. The million-dollar question is, "How can you strengthen nails at home?" Well, having smooth, healthy nails depends on how you treat your nails. You need to invest in worthy nail care treatments and products that are non-toxic and help rejuvenate their shine. Get a nail treatment formulated to strengthen the nail beds, and soften the cuticles.  

Majestic Pure Natural Nail Treatment is expertly crafted with powerful ingredients to promote strong nails. Supplemental oils like Cyprus oil, Tea tree oil, Clove oil helps strengthen damaged or fragile nails. Majestic Pure Natural nail treatment helps the regrowth of sturdy nails. Apply three to four times a day for long-lasting results. You can also opt for natural home remedies with essential oils, soaks, and treatments.

Nothing improves your mood like having your nails done, but to get your nails nail-art ready, you need to keep them strong and healthy. Visit our store for the best range of oils and products good to keep your nails strong and your cuticles soft—Gorgeous nails, here we come.


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