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Creating An At-Home Sanctuary For Serenity blog banner

Creating An At-Home Sanctuary For Serenity

Perhaps you live in a compact compound or have a luxurious apartment to yourselfyour home is a tranquil sanctuary where you come to find peace and calm. It is a place that gives you a refuge from the tumultuous routine, work pressure, social commitments, and the outside world.  If your home is disorganized, cluttered, chaotic, getting a sigh of relief and relaxation is virtually impossible. When you finally reach home after taking care of your day’s work, your home should give you a sense of security, safety, and serenity to feel good, de-stress and unwind.  

To transform your space into a serene sanctuary, follow these nine simple tips:

1. Decorate Your Favorite Corner Of the House

There is always a specific spot, corner, room, or area in the house which we like the most for no apparent reason. Your favorite corner might be in your bedroom, guestroom, or living room, but you just love sitting there and somehow feeling relaxed. Decorate this area with your treasured items, place a vase, embellish it with flowers, paint in soothing colors, or hang pictures of your loved ones to make it more welcoming and comfortable. 

Decorate Your Favorite Corner Of the Hous

2. Tidy Up and De-Clutter

Nothing can restore your mind and mood better than a clean and organized space. Tidying up your space and getting your house in order positively impact your thoughts. When you arrange things, clear the mess, de-clutter the piles, and sort the visual clutter, your stress level will reduce, and your focus will improve. Make a habit of spending 10 minutes daily on organizing your home to tackle tension and anxious feelings and, of course, get rid of germs in the process. 

Tidy Up and De-Clutter

3. Soft Lighting Scheme

The right lights in your home have the power to improve your mood and lift your spirits. A mix of bright lighting with a soft glow, for instance, adds a cozy element to your rooms and creates appeal. Place floor lamps in the corner where the lights do not reach; it will upgrade the room's overall ambiance. Motion lightings at the top of cabinets and LED  bulbs on the ceilings provide a bright visual impact in bathrooms. The trick to avoiding unwanted shadows and highlighting art pieces is to spread lights to illuminate dark corners throughout the space.

4. Fresh Flowers and Plants

Flowers and plants are known to have several stress-relieving properties. Their scents spark joyous feelings, promote happy moods and reduce negative emotions. At the same time, the pleasant and attractive colors of flowers increase your house's aesthetic appeal and catch the onlookers' attention. Also, the deodorizing abilities of certain plants purify the air and support breathing ease which usually is a common health concern in big cities. 

5. Scent Your Space

Fragrances scents play an essential role in setting up the ambiance. Considering each room in your home has a specific purpose, you need a distinct aroma to achieve the desired impact. The scents with soothing and comforting properties are suitable for your bedrooms, where you rest and relax. Clean, fresh, and citrusy aromas will work best to encourage a cheerful and chirpy mood in the living room. Meanwhile, light, cozy, and warming scents are more suitable for the lounge and guestroom. 

The best way to spread delightful scents in every room is through essential oil blends. Use an electric diffuser and place it wherever you are sitting in your home to create an optimal aromatic experience. Here are some essential oil diffuser blend recipes to try:

Essential Oil Blend For Living Room

Essential Oil Blend For Living Room: 

Essential Oil Blend For Kitchen

Essential Oil Blend For Bedroom

Essential Oil Blend For Bedroom

Note: Add the oils to the diffuser and run it only for 15-30 minutes in each session. 

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Our homes should promote calmer emotions and relaxed headspace. With the help of the tips mentioned above, you can transform your home into a serene sanctuary to bring a sense of balance and composure to your life.

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