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Argan Oil Vs. Coconut Oil: The Right Hair Mask To Get This Black Friday

Argan Oil Vs. Coconut Oil: The Right Hair Mask To Get This Black Friday

What is there not to love about a hair mask treatment? 

Be it the damage from heat styling, rough texture due to sun exposure, or dry, dehydrated scalp with cold weather, hair masks bring your strands back to life and shine. 

They are rightfully called the Holy Grail of hair care—but not all of them are created equal. 

Some ingredients suit your hair type, cater to its needs, and there are others that simply don’t fit. Your hair type decides that. 

When creating ingredients for a hair mask, argan oil and coconut oil come up huge. 

For years, these oils have been used for nutrient replenishment, hydration boost, and damage control. Even today, the hair care industry can’t let go of these nature’s geniuses and still uses them for scalp revival. 

But which one of them is for you? Allow us to help you find natural hair products in Black Friday deals!

Coconut Oil Vs. Argan Oil – Which Is For Your Hair Type?

Get the right hair mask for your hair type from our Black Friday Hair Care Sales that are not to be missed! 

Black Friday Sale

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil might be the most commonly used oil worldwide, but there is nothing ordinary about its natural abilities. With a higher than average moisturizing power than any other emollient, coconut oil is extremely beneficial for hair and scalp wellbeing. Typically utilized as a staple ingredient in soaps, shampoos, masks, lotions, and serums – coconut oil softens and conditions the hair, leaving it looking lustrous and voluminous. 

Black Friday Sale

A scrutinized investigation on coconut structure would elaborate further on which hair type can benefit from it the most. Its main constituents include:

Lauric Acid

  • Lauric acid makes up 47% of coconut oil’s constitution. It is a fatty acid that supports its vitality and condition. 
  • It exhibits soothing and conditioning properties. 
  • It provides a protective layer to the strands against pollutants.
  • It makes styling and combing easier 
  • Offers long-lasting moisturization

Capric Acid and Caprylic Acid

  • Effective antioxidants with strong cleansing abilities
  • Fortify the follicles and add shine
  • Abundant with natural proteins 
  • Lock in moisture
  • Known to provide defense from UV rays

Linoleic Acid

  • Calms itchy and irritated scalp
  • Promotes hair strength and resilience
  • Enhances scalp condition
  • It leaves your hair feeling silky smooth and full of life

Polyphenols And Medium Tricycles

  • Restores shine and manageability to damaged hair
  • Intensely moisturizing
  • Rejuvenate troubled scalp

Which Hair Type is Coconut Oil Mask Good For?

A coconut oil mask is a better option for hair that needs to restore hydration and revive roughness. As it has been already established, coconut oil is a rich source of moisturization. It provides refreshment and rejuvenation to dry, dull, and damaged hair types. 

The product in our Black Friday hair care sales is:

To give a vitality boost to your beloved locks, Majestic Pure has combined shea butter, ginger extract, and vitamins B, E in its Coconut Oil Mask. It controls frizz, tames flyaways, and promotes silky smooth hair that exhibits shine and strength. 

Argan Oil

Whatever your hair is longing formay it be hydration, nourishment, extra bounce, improved shine, or a fuller look—Argan oil has the ability to give it all. Argan oil is native to Morocco, where the locals have used it for centuries as a cosmetic staple. Its nurturing skills contribute to the appearance of smoother, glossier, and silkier hair. Meanwhile, the abundance of antioxidants in this deep conditioning oil promotes a relaxed and refreshed scalp. 

Here is a detailed elaboration on Argan oil’s chemical makeup:

Oleic Acid

  • Supports radiant, glossy, and fresh looking hair
  • Improved scalp vitality
  • Encourages softness and elasticity
  • Boosts hydration

Palmitic Acid

  • Have strong emollient properties
  • Maintains shine and softness
  • Provides moisturization without leaving a greasy residue

Stearic Acid

  • Natural cleanser and exfoliator
  • Draws out dirt and dead cells
  • Delivers lasting hydration
  • Protects and conditions the strands
  • Provides smooth finish and definition

Linolenic Acid

  • Enhances flexibility and suppleness
  • Increases vibrancy and bounce
  • Soothes scalp itchiness, and irritations
  • Controls frizz and help with combing and styling

Which Hair Type is Argan Oil Good For? 

A jar of Argan oil mask is a wonder-worker for hair that needs lift and bounce. Argan oil is a lightweight and non-greasy oil that absorbs faster than coconut oil. It is known to balance moisture levels, detoxify impurities, provide a silky finish and increase the scalp’s overall wellness. It suits most hair types, even for those with breakage and weak hair.

The Black Friday hair care product up for sale is:

 Argan Oil Maska nurturing hair treatment with keratin protein, vitamins A, E, green tea extract, and lemongrass oil. It protects, preserves, and promotes the sheen and softness of the prized possessions you call your tresses. 

Black Friday Sale

If your goal is to enhance your hair’s vigor and vitality while simultaneously adding shine and volume, hair masks made with natural ingredients are your best option. Just visit Majestic Pure hair care collection to get your hands on Argan Oil Mask, Coconut Oil Mask, and other Black Friday haircare deals. 

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