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guide to grow and groom your beard

10 Step Guide to Grow and Groom your Beard

Are you tired of trying to tame that unruly beard? Well, we know that maintaining your majestic mane is not a piece of cake. So, if you desire a well-sculpted beard, you’ve come to the right place!

Beards have become a fashion statement in many cultures around the world. A finely groomed beard doesn't take care of itself. Maintaining that requires some effort.

You might have a few tricks up your sleeve for a sleek bearded look, but managing a beard can feel like a lot of work.

Majestic Pure brings you a 10 step simple guide to groom and naturally grow your beard. Let's dive in!

10 Tips for A Well Groomed Beard

1-Wait Out

Initially, while growing your beard, you need to be extremely patient. You cannot go trimming about every other day. Let your beard grow out for at least 4 to 6 weeks. 

Even if your beard grows unevenly in places, you need to resist the urge to style or trim your beard. Once your beard grows to a manageable length, you can style it in whatever way that suits you.

Patience is the key here; maintaining a beard is not a matter of days.

2-All about Trimming

Knowing how and when to prune your beard is a crucial step in maintaining your beard. Invest in a quality device for trimming your hair to achieve a style that goes perfectly with your look. Firstly, figure out your beard's personality and the look that will flatter your face. Once you know your beard style, start by following these steps.

  • Coach your beard into place with a simple comb
  • Now, snip the strands that overhang in undesired areas
  • Use facial scissors for your mustache and spot checking
  • Use a trimmer to guide your beard length
  • Trim while your beard is dry and tamed

3-Beard Oil

The benefits of oils for hair strengthening is an age-old fact; beard hair is no different. Beard oils are tricky; you need to pick one that compliments your beard. You might need to try many till you reach the one oil that suits you. 

Let us help you skip some work because Majestic Pure Beard Oil is formulated with natural ingredients that help smooth and soften facial hair, along with providing them nutrients. 

original beard oil

This beard oil contains an active blend of revitalizing oils that act effectively to promote beard growth, also help to give you silky soft hair while simultaneously conditioning the skin underneath.

4-Beard Workout

Your beard also needs training! By training, we don't mean you need to train it in the gym, not at all. (winks)

Beard work out is all about combing and coaching your beard with wax or comb to guide your beard to grow into the best shape.

A daily rub down with a beard comb or brush will remove brittle strands of hair and help your beard grow in the perfect direction. You can also use a soft hold styler for a little extra effect. Using beard wax can also help guide your beard in an ideal way!

5-Regular Wash

Unlike our hair, a beard needs more regular washing because trapped food and dead cells can irritate your skin later on. You can give your beard a mild wash with plain water when you wash your face in the morning.

It would be best to scrub your beard with a unique beard cleanser or an organic beard shampoo. Majestic Pure Rosemary Oil Volumizing Shampoo can be a great choice because of its vibrant blend of rosemary oil and other hair strengthening ingredients. 

6-Balanced Diet

A balanced diet can help regulate the growth of your beard. A nutrient-dense diet will keep your body and your hair in the best form. A balanced diet of adequate amounts of proteins and fat in your diet will keep your beard hair nurtured. Taking supplements of vitamin B5,  B3 and B9 can also help.

A diet composed of lean meat, eggs, milk, and greens can act as fuel for a resilient beard.

7-Beard Care Regime

Beard care is all about trial and error regarding what works best for you. Develop your beard care regime and adjust your products accordingly.

A widely accepted regime will be washing your beard 1 to 3 times weekly with a gentle cleanser in the morning and using beard oil afterwards. 

Similar steps should be taken at night; you can start using a cleanser at night and opt for a plain wash with the application of beard oil afterward.

be gentle and do not compare your beard growth and grooming

8-Do Not Compare

While you go through this process of having your ideal beard, you need to stay clear of comparisons. Everybody has had their own struggles with the way their beard looks. There is no need to compare your progress with anyone else. Just because your beard isn’t growing as fast as your friends doesn't mean it won’t grow at all or become better one day. Focus on yourself and reach your own goals. Your only competition is yourself.

9-Be Gentle

It would be best if you were gentle with your beard. Excessive brushing and mishandling can result in a rough beard that won't add to your personality. Be careful not to get your beard stuck in your clothes, zippers. Don't comb your beard with too much pressure that can break or damage your hair.

Be gentle with your beard care to enhance your progress.

10-Track your Progress

Last but not least, you need to track your progress. You can measure your beard or take pictures to monitor growth. This will help you understand what works and what doesn't. 

Maintaining, growing, and grooming your beard isn't a piece of cake. It is a slow and steady process that takes time and effort. Invest in the process, and the results can be rewarding. You can visit our store to get your hands on more self-care products to help you achieve your goals. Wishing you a ‘beardiful’ day ahead!!

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