Lavender is a natural wonder par excellence. Cherished worldwide for millennia, the Elysian beauty and intoxicating fragrance of this exotic purple flower pack a powerful punch. Lavender essential oil is aesthetically pleasing and it's uniquely healing and romantically inspiring properties place it in the upper echelon of cosmetic appeal.

Just hearing the word lavender—an undeniably soft and poetic combination of letters—stokes imaginations and awakens a sense of curiosity. Pure lavender oil is 100% natural. Frequently, people wonder how and where such an exquisite botanical is grown. It is farmed globally, and commercial cultivations exist in England, Bulgaria, France, Italy, New Zealand, and Australia, among a wide variety of other warm, arid climates. In Provence, France, a lush southeastern region renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and rustic splendor, lavender fields are a major attraction, with blooms beginning in early summer and filling the countryside with visual and aromatic bliss.


Beyond its universal popularity and aesthetic charm, it also boasts significant historical importance. While ancient Egyptians incorporated lavender into mummification rituals and exotic perfumes, it was a ubiquitous presence in the Roman Empire, where it was blended into soaps and valued for its potent antiseptic and regenerative qualities. In 17th England, lavender became a popular weapon against the plague, and during the Victorian era, it flourished as a household luxury item. Lavender’s multifaceted applications evolved steadily with each passing century, and it is now considered a staple of the ever-expanding cosmetic universe.


This herb touts undeniable benefits when applied regularly to the skin and hair. Pure Lavender oil is loaded with antimicrobial properties and powered by a nutrient-rich composition, it helps beautify complexions, stimulate hair growth, and reduce inflammation. Consistent application can even help prevent thinning and return a radiant, healthy glow to chemically or environmentally damaged hair.

Lavender’s accessibility is as impressive as its adaptability, and users of all ages and experience levels can safely use lavender essential oil –especially in diluted form. Whether you are a seasoned alternative health practitioner, amateur cosmetician, or avid alternative health explorer, lavender oil features a trove of benefits. The following represent popular applications:

  • In toxin-free shampoos, soaps and conditioners
  • In showers or baths for optimal nourishing, cleansing and regenerative impact
  • In customized weekly hair masks/treatments
  • In topical creams and lotions geared toward healing burns and soothing irritated skin
  • As a stand-alone aromatic essential oil or in customized carrier blends
  • As a nighttime fragrance for inducing sleep and promoting calmness
  • As a supplementary antiseptic/antibiotic


Although all varieties of this herb feature unique healing properties and cosmetic benefits, steam distilled, therapeutic-grade lavender stands in a league of its own. Steam distillation is a time-tested process in which the exotic petals of the flower are cultivated and meticulously condensed into oil that emits a pleasingly fruity, floral scent.

Particularly effective lavender oil blends frequently utilize combinations of the finest lavender petals harvested in various countries of origin to produce one world-class product. Majestic pure cosmeceuticals proudly utilizes such a tradition, effectively blending petals harvested in Bulgaria and France to produce 100 percent natural oil, primed to perfection and ready for your enjoyment.

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