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How Roman Chamomile Essential Oil Can Make You Feel More Youthful

December 10, 2016 0 Comments


Have you ever tried a cup of chamomile tea before bed? Historically, chamomile of many varieties has been used to calm the body and mind to prepare for rest. But did you also know that Roman Chamomile essential oil also has beauty and health benefits that can help you feel and look more youthful? From aromatherapy to topical application, there are many ways that you can experience the benefits of Roman Chamomile.


Roman Chamomile Essential Oil can help you look and feel younger.

Benefits of Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

One of the greatest benefits of Roman Chamomile oil its ability to calm the mind and body. This essential oil is popularly used before bed to soothe the body and mind, naturally preparing a person for a quality, restful sleep. The essential oil also has powerful emotional benefits and is known to help those who are struggling to find purpose or dealing with discouragement, hopelessness, and disappointment. The calm and peace that chamomile oil offers works to promote trust and serenity.


Roman Chamomile Oil is also used to support a healthy immune system, which leads to lower rates of mood disorders, reduces swelling and pain, and helps promote healthy skin, hair, nails, and teeth. The oil has also been associated with cardiovascular protection, improved digestion, and congestion relief. Some evidence shows that its antioxidant properties may even be useful as a natural cancer treatment helping to stop cancerous tumor growth. The antioxidant components of this essential oil make it great for fighting free radical damage.


Roman chamomile oil is also great for promoting and maintaining healthy and youthful looking skin. Chamomile’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties make it an effective treatment for skin irritations. The flavonoids in the oil also penetrate below the skin’s surface to help preserve a youthful complexion.


How to Use Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Here are just a few ways that you can use Roman Chamomile Essential Oil to look and feel your best:

  • Add the essential oil to your lotion, moisturizer or coconut oil and apply to skin for a healthier and more youthful complexion.
  • Use on the bottoms of your feet for a more restful sleep.
  • Add one or two drops of oil to your favorite shampoo or conditioner for healthy, youthful looking hair.
  • Combine with lavender essential oil and Epsom salts to create a wonderful beauty bath bomb, which can also make a great gift.
  • Create a spray or diffuse to create a more relaxing environment and reduce stress, anxiety, or tension.


When applying topically, you need to use a carrier oil to help prepare the skin for the essential oil and reduce potential irritation. Carrier oils like fractionated coconut oil or jojoba oil work well with Roman Chamomile Essential Oil and also offer powerful beauty and health boosting benefits.


If you want to look and feel younger and more energized, Roman Chamomile Essential Oil is a great product to have on hand. All of the oils at Majestic Pure are 100% pure, natural, and therapeutic grade with no additives or dilution. We also offer a selection of natural carrier oils that you can purchase if you plan to use essential oils topically.

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