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5 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Cozy this Winter

The family times spend to enjoy your home comes in all its wonderful warmth and coziness. Your home is the only place where you can cuddle up with your loved ones, and it should smell just as welcoming as the hugs. 

Cinnamon, peppermint, cloves, mistletoe, pine trees, and more - there’s nothing more homely than all these sweet fragrances accompanying it. 

Majestic Pure is here to help your home smell like the holidays and love. Want to know how? 

How to Make Your Home Smell Cozy 

1. Create Scented Ornaments 

We’ve all heard of scented candles, but there are so many more ornaments you could create on your own. These ornaments can be designed using a dough infused with your favorite scents. 

Essential oils are perfect for such a DIY project. You could easily add a few drops of essential oil to the dough and cook it at low heat. 

Just cooking these decorative ornaments will make your house smell wonderful, like when you bake gingerbread houses! 

essential oil diffusers

2. Essential Oil Diffuser  

If the winter has you feeling a little too lazy to create your own ornaments from scratch, a diffuser will do the job just as well! 

Majestic Pure USB Essential Oil Diffuser dispenses your favorite essential oils into the air using high frequencies. You can create your own holiday mix of essential oils for your home. 

This diffuser also has an in-built 7 color LED light feature, which helps create the ambiance of your preference throughout the day. 

3. Hot Drinks Galore 

One sure-fire way to have your home smelling cozy and homey is getting the drinks flowing. There is so much to choose from your regular coffee to pumpkin spice eggnogs! 

Drinks such as hot teas, coffees, and warm milk have their own distinct smells, and they all make us feel nostalgic. A home is a place where you go to relax, and what better way to do that than with a delicious drink. 

Brew your drinks a night before so you can wake up to a cozy home. Who knows, your loved ones might drop by to join you? 

Keep Your Home Clean

4. Keep Your Home Clean 

Remember that a clean home is a happy home. Not to mention, it smells great! If your home is clean, you have to do a very little extra to keep it smelling fresh and cozy. 

Get your vacuum and dusters out for a thorough clean-up. You won’t regret it! 

Once you’ve cleaned up your surroundings, you can get down to arranging the perfect mantle place for a warm and cozy fire. 

5. Don’t Forget the Bathroom! 

When talking about keeping the home smelling fresh, one often forgets about one particular room: the bathroom! 


It’s just as important to keep your bathroom clean and to smell cozy. Majestic Pure Toilet Spray Mint Eucalyptus is formulated with essential oils, including eucalyptus and mint essential oils. This minty combination is perfect for the holiday season and will leave no stone unturned for the coziness of your home.

These were Majestic Pure’s 6 ways of keeping your home smelling cozy this winter season. Visit the Majestic Pure store to explore our entire range of products!

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