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Father's Day Edit: How to Make Top Perfume Blends with Essential Oils

Father's Day Edit: How to Make Top Perfume Blends with Essential Oils

We have lots of happy childhood memories because fathers make that possible for us. They’ve gone to great lengths and crossed unimaginable heights to provide us with the best of everything that life has to offer. It's only fair we could at least do the best in our ability to make Father's Day memorable and meaningful. 

This year, on the occasion of Father's Day, thank your dad for his unwavering support and guiding wisdom with a special gift of handmade perfume. 

A handmade perfume with essential oils is a thoughtful way to honor the most important man in your life – Your Dad. Every time he wears your hand-picked scent, it will remind him of your respect and love for him. Most importantly, you will be doing him a huge favor because dads usually have only a handful of grooming essentials. 

fathers day

Let's make dads feel special and learn how to make perfume using essential oils along the way:

How to Make Perfume Blends With Essential Oils: The Art of Perfumery

Whether your father likes lighter fragrances or is into something wood-scented, you can create a perfume blend just as he likes. However, you must know a few fundamentals of the art of perfumery.

There are a couple of precautionary measures you must take to create a perfume blend with essential oils. Essential oils are plant-derived liquid compounds that can irritate or sensitize the skin if used incorrectly. So it's imperative to follow the exact ratio of oils provided in the recipe below. 

First, here is a step to step guide to understanding fragrance notes for perfume making. 

How to Combine Essential Oils for Perfume

Creating an essential oil perfume blend is pretty quick and straightforward. However, you must understand the blending fundamentals of perfume making. The basic composition of any scent has three notes:

  • top note
  • middle/heart note
  • base note. 

Think of fragrance notes as musical chords. If all the music chords are in harmony, they work in accord to make a sound melody. Similarly, if all the notes play their unique part in the formulation of a complete fragrant entity, you get a harmonious scent. 

Here is how you should combine different notes of essential oils for perfume:

Base Note:

As the name suggests, a base note is the foundation of a scent. It gives longevity, support, and durability to the scent. Without base notes, a fragrance would evaporate quickly. Base notes last for hours.

Base Note Essential Oils

Middle Note or Heart Note:

The middle note is called the heart of a scent. It takes up to 40% of perfume's composition and influences the strong scent of base notes. Oils chosen for middle notes usually have light, pleasant, and well-rounded scents to balance the intense concentration of top and base notes. Middle notes linger roughly for 15-20 minutes.

Middle Note Essential Oils

Top Note or Head Note:

Top note is the first fragrance you smell upon applying the perfume, hence the name top or head note. This note is the selling point that forms the initial impression for the perfume. It has a strong, assertive, and fresh scent that remains dominant for roughly 10-15 minutes. 

Top Note Essential Oils:

    fathers day majestic pure

    Essential Oil Perfume Blend Recipe:

    You'll Need:

    • Amber or blue 1.5 ml roll-on glass bottle
    • 3 essential oils (base, middle, and top note)
    • Unscented carrier oils (jojoba oil or almond oil)

    Roll-on Essential Oil Perfume Recipe:

    • Add 80 drops of carrier oil
    • Add 10 drops of base note essential oil 
    • Add 5 drops of middle note essential oil 
    • Add 5 drops of top note essential oil 

    Bonus Citrusy Freshness Perfume Recipe for Father’s Day:

    In roll-on bottle add:

    • 80 drops of jojoba oil
    • 10 drops of rose oil (base note)
    • 5 drops of rosemary oil (middle note)
    • 5 drops of orange oil (top note)
    • Shake to combine and place the lid
    • Store in a cool, dark place

    How to Apply:

    It is vital to apply roll-on essential oil perfume in the right spots to get a lasting impact. Preferably, apply it onto the moist and naturally warm areas of the skin. 

    The right spots are: 

    • Behind the ear
    • Nape of the neck
    • Collarbone
    • Chest

    Avoid applying it on wrists or tops of the arms because these areas have more blood flow, making the scent fade instantly. 

    A gift given with sincerity and compassion leaves an unforgettable impression that lasts for a lifetime. Create a perfect perfume blend with Majestic Pure’s natural and organic essential oils on this Father’s Day to tell your dad you appreciate everything that he did for you. 

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