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Essential Oils for DIY Candle Making

Scented candles are all the rage in the world of aromatherapy. Some believe that scented candles are a luxury that not everyone can afford. So, Majestic Pure has the perfect solution for you – candle making with essential oils! 

The process of candle-making itself can be incredibly therapeutic, especially if you are one to enjoy DIY projects. Moreover, candle-making is an art that, when mastered, can reap amazing results. Not only will you be able to pick up a new skill to show off to all your loved ones, but you can spread the joy of a lovely fragranced candle in your own circle. 

Here’s how you can use essential oils for candle-making. Let’s get you started! 

How to Use Essential Oils for DIY Holiday Candle-Making 

Candle-making is completely foolproof, not to mention easy. To make candles at home, you will not only 10 items that you can find in your kitchen cabinet: 

  • Candle wax
  • Containers 
  • Measuring cups 
  • Essential oils of your choice 
  • Thermometer 
  • Candle wicks 
  • Boiler 
  • Wooden spoon 
  • Microwave 
  • Bowl 

How to Use Essential Oils for DIY Holiday Candle-Making

Now that you’ve assembled all these items, it’s time to get candle-making! The first step is to blend your essential oils. The key to this step is marrying the right scents together in a fragrant blend. In a bowl, mix your preferred essential oils together. Measure the ratio of essential oils needed to the size of your candle container. 

Once you’ve made the blend, place it in a container. Then, melt your wax into the container, blending it all in well together. This is where the thermometer will come in handy. Melt the wax till it reaches 180 degrees. Once this is done, pour the wax into the containers when it cools down to 160 degrees. Then, the candle wicks can be added. Voila! Your own personal scented candle is ready to be lit and enjoyed! 

Majestic Pure has picked out three essential oil blends you can use for your next candle-making endeavor. 

Essential Oil Blends for Scented Candles 

1. Livin La Vida Lavender 

This blend is an absolute dream, with the wonderful fragrance of lavender and undercutting tones of lemon, grapefruit, and sage essential oils. 

Livin La Vida Lavender

For this blend, you will need:  

Light this candle to experience the romantic scent of lavender. A good time to pull out this candle would be just before bed to set the mood for a restful and relaxing sleep. 

2. Mellow Mint Mania 

You can never go wrong with a mint-scented candle. Lucky for you, Majestic Pure has a cool range of the mint family of essential oils you can use for your candle. 

For this blend, you will need: 

Mellow Mint Mania

This candle is best lit in the morning to get you started on the day. The minty and cooling fragrance uplifts the spirit naturally, energizing your senses. 

3. Apple Pie Afternoons 

Who doesn’t love a good apple pie? This scented candle is perfect for spring afternoons on the weekends when you just want to wind down and relax. 

For this blend, you will need: 

½ tsp Cinnamon Essential Oil 

½ tsp Clove Leaf Essential Oil 

1 drop Lemon Essential Oil 

This candle might just have you craving apple pie after a few minutes! Enjoy the warm, sweet, and spicy fragrance of Apple Pie Afternoons. 

These were Majestic Pure’s two scents of candle making and essential oil blends for your scented candles to try out this Memorial Day. Explore our range of essential oils in our store to create your own unique blends and offers. Let us know how they turn out! 

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