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Carrier Oils: Base Oils For Essential Oils banner

Carrier Oils: Base Oils For Essential Oils

Many centuries ago, when humankind was exploring and examining numerous ingredients for promoting health and wellnessthey were lucky to come across the goodness-fueled virtues of carrier oils. 

Carrier oils, aka base oils, are probably the oldest known moisturizers used since ancient times by diverse cultures. They continue to benefit us with their innumerable beautifying benefits even today. Whether you are struggling with acne, blemishes, discoloration, irritations, or dryness, carrier oils leave your skin feeling better than before. 

Besides enhancing skin’s glow, one remarkable quality of carrier oils makes them a vital part of daily personal care regimenthey provide “base” to essential oils for aromatherapy, massage, skin, hair, and body care. How let’s find out?

Why Are Carrier Oils Used for Essential Oils Dilution? 

Aromatherapy, an alternative form of therapy that uses essential oils to enhance the wellbeing of mind, body, and spirit, cannot give the desired profits if it wasn’t for carrier oils. 

Because essential oils are volatile liquids extracted from plants, roots, stems, and other parts of botanicals, they cannot be applied directly to the skin due to their intensely potent constitution and evaporative nature. On the other hand, Carrier oil possesses the powers of lubrication, viscosity, absorption, and thickness. They come from the nuts, kernels, and or seeds of the plants. 

For essential oils to penetrate your skin without causing sensitivity, they are mixed with carrier oils, which “carry” the therapeutic properties of essential oils to your skin and provide them with a “base,” allowing you to experience the effects of essential oils. Carrier oils don’t alter the scent, effects, and flavor of essential oils, providing you with their benefits in the purest possible form. 

But before you get yourself a bottle of carrier oil that first comes into your sight, it is crucial to choose the right fit for your purpose of application. 

How to Select A Carrier Oil?

Carrier oils are of many kinds, and each of them has unique components, characteristics, color, and combination options. Almost all of them are abundant with nurturing minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants that improve the appearance and texture of the skin and hair. 

The choice of carrier oil, however, depends on expected results. For example, rosehip oil is widely used for skin care because of its youth-enhancing reputation, and coconut oil is well-known for its intense moisturizing abilities. Almond oil is a non-greasy and balancing oil that smooths and soothes without clogging pores. 

rosehip oil

To make your selection easy, here is the list of carrier oils with their widespread benefits:

The Best Carrier Oils For Essential Oil Dilution, Skin Care, Massage, and Aromatherapy

  • Rosehip Oil:- This oil is a lightweight, quick-absorbing, extremely hydrating oil with rejuvenating benefits. Rosehip oil contains vitamins A, C, and omega acids that enhance skin elasticity, suppleness, and strength. You may use it as a moisturizer to fade the appearance of dark spots and blemishes. It is also an excellent carrier oil for massage and mixes well with essential oils for DIY beauty care recipes. It has an earthy and pleasant scent.  Also read: Rosehip Oil Is A mazing For Your Skin—Here Is Why
  • Argan Oil: Argan Oil, aka The Liquid Gold of Morocco, is a soothing and softening oil that quickly penetrates the skin, enhancing moisture levels and supporting an even tone complexion. Its composition has nurturing and moisturizing vitamins A and E, which help reduce the look of wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. This oil is terrific for massage, hair, and skincare, and it exudes a nutty and earthy scent. 
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil:- Fractionated coconut oil is a less thick and more absorbable version of regular coconut oil. It contains medium-chain fatty acids that have ultra-hydrating effects. This oil encourages fresh, radiant, and moisturized skin that feels healthy from within. It is tasteless, odorless, and colorless oil, perfect for massage and essential oil dilution.  Because of its intense hydrating powers, fractionated coconut oil helps soothe irritations, itchiness, and dryness. 
  • Almond Oil:- Sweet almond oil has high levels of antioxidants that protect the skin from external aggressors and keep it looking plump and young for a long time. It is an effective moisturizer that soothes dryness without clogging pores or leaving a sticky feel. Although almond oil has a quick-drying emulsifier, its strong scent may mask essential oils’ aromas. Still, it is popularly used for massage, moisturization, and beauty care. 
  • Avocado Oil:- This oil has a thick, heavy, and super moisturizing consistency. It is a worthy option for dry, irritated, and flaky skin. With its innate ability to promote moisture retention and radiance, avocado oil soothes, smooths, and softens rough skin. The core constituent of avocado oil is oleic acid that exhibits purifying, cleansing, and exfoliating properties. Oleic acid encourages the natural exfoliation process, revealing a refreshed and renewed complexion. You can use this oil for dry skin remedies, essential oil dilution, massage, and body creams. It is not suitable for acne-prone skin as it increases sebum production. It gives off a subtle nutty and sweet scent. 


How to Store Carrier Oils?

Most carrier oils last you at least 2-3 years. Store them in a cold, dark, and dry place to avoid the oxidation process quicker than the recommended date. If you feel a change in color and efficacy of the oils, it is better to quit their use. 

How to Use Carrier Oils As Base for Essential Oils?

The amount of carrier oil mixed in essential oil depends on your needs and desires. You can experiment with the combinations and try several essential oil recipes for skin, hair, and body care. However, keep in mind to always follow the recipe and ensure atleast 1% dilution rate i-e, one drop of essential oil with one teaspoon of carrier oil to avoid sensitivity and irritations.

For more tips and benefits on skin care, hair care, and wellness, follow our blog posts

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