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A Guide To Essential Oil Substitutes

Essential oils are plant extracts that possess generous goodness-filled qualities that transform your everyday life for the better. From enhancing the ambiance, therapeutic massage, household uses, skincare to diffuser blends, there is an essential oil naturally customized for your desired purpose. 

Because of their massive popularity, countless essential oil recipes are readily available for your wellness, aromatic, and beauty care needs. With so many options, it is difficult to collect each and every essential oil recommended by different sources. In such a situation, instead of trying something else or breaking the budget, pick an essential oil substitute you already have in your collection. 

This guide has enlisted essential oil substitutes that you can use based on similar scents, effects, and traits. 

Essential Oil Substitutes For Skincare

Essential oils have been a cosmetic mainstay for quite some time now. They are used as staple ingredients in many skincare formulations for enhancing skin wellness. You can use them to soothe acne, smooth the texture, brighten the complexion, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and improve the overall glow and radiance. Above all, essential oils have strong antioxidant properties that support a youthful and supple look for a long time. 

Essential Oil Substitutes For Skincare

Try out the following essential oils for tackling your skin concerns:

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Essential Oil Substitutes For Haircare

Your scalp skin suffers from similar kinds of concerns as your facial skin. Factors like impurities, bacteria, free radicals, dryness, and environmental aggressors disturb follicles’ natural growth cycle and strength. By introducing essential oils’ fortifying and cleansing effects into your hair care routine, you can encourage visibly shinier, silkier, and smoother strands and refreshed scalp. 

Essential Oil Substitutes For Haircare

Here is the list of essential oils known to promote strong hair:

Essential Oil Substitutes For Positive Ambiance

A home is a place where you find comfort away from the chaos of the world. The atmosphere of your space makes all the difference in helping you achieve a relaxed state of mind. For that, diffusing essential oils is a perfect way. Essential oils’ aromas with their therapeutic properties help you unwind, ease, and prepare for an optimistic and calm mood. Or, if you want to create a cheerful and upbeat ambiance, many essential oils give off refreshingOild uplifting scents. These are your essential oil options for your preferred aromatic needs: 

Essential Oil Substitutes For Comforting Massage

There is no better way to ease stressed muscles and joint stiffness than a comforting massage. While your muscles and joints get their agility and vigor back with the relaxing effects of essential oils, your skin receives a much-needed hydration boost.  Massage therapy is an ultimate self-care treat that one can use to rest and restart before the next day’s challenges. 

Essential Oil Substitutes For Comforting Massage

In the following list are a few fantastic essential oils substitutes for massage.

Essential Oil Substitutes Based On Aroma Families

For aromatherapy, you pick an oil based on its fragrant character and the olfactory experience it gives. An essential oil substitute for earthy notes is earthy, and citrus notes are citrus. We diffuse citrus oils for a stimulating and energetic effect, while earthy scents promote a sense of balance and composure. Similarly, different aroma families offer a unique aromatherapy experience according to your choice. 

Essential Oil Substitutes Based On Aroma Families

Below is the list of essential oil substitutes based on their fragrant notes:

PS: It is important you use essential oils after dilution for skin and hair care. This is because essential oils are highly concentrated liquids that may cause sensitivity and skin irritations. 

To learn more about essential oils usage, benefits,  and DIY recipes, stay tuned to our blog posts. 

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