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Host a Spa Day This Mother's Day - main banner - Majestic Pure®

Host a Spa Day This Mother's Day

Host a Spa Day This Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a very special time of year. It’s the day where you get to show your mom how much you love and care for her. There are so many ways of expressing affection for moms that you’re probably wondering where to start. 

Is any gift good enough in exchange for the gift of life that mothers have given us? Is there such a thing as the perfect gift? Take matters into your own hands this Mother’s Day and organize something your mom will never forget: a spa day for mom at home! 

Majestic Pure has got the perfect guide for you to arrange the best spa day for mom! 

Host a Spa Day This Mother's Day - 2021

Spa Day Gifts for Mom 

Our mothers work hard all day, every day to make sure we have the best of everything. They deserve a long and relaxing break once in a while. A full blown spa at home is the perfect way to get her feeling pampered! 

To make this at-home spa as successful as possible, you will be needing the following spa day gifts for mom!

  1. Skincare Starter 

Your mom should be treated like royalty on her special day so this product fits the occasion perfectly! A luxurious and nourishing facial mask, the 24k Gold Facial Mask is a great starter to your spa. 

Its formula contains real gold leaf and powerful antioxidants like Vitamin E, leaving the skin looking hydrated, radiant, and flawless. Apply the facial mask using your fingertips. Accompany the application with a gentle facial massage, following smooth, circular motions. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes and prepare for the next step while you wait!  

Host a Spa Day This Mother's Day - Majestic Pure 24K gold facial mask

  1. Massage Therapy for Mom

Once you’ve rinsed off the facial mask, it’s time to move on to the main event: the full body massage! 

Majestic Pure Lavender Massage Oil is carefully crafted by skincare experts using natural ingredients such as lavender essential oil, coconut oil, camellia seed oil, and sweet almond oil. These deeply nourishing and hydrating ingredients are part of a balanced formula that absorbs into the skin, promoting relaxation and calmness. 

Massage the oil into the skin gently, giving ample time for absorption. Try to build a soothing ambience during the massage. Light one of her favorite scented candles and play some calming music to give her the complete spa experience! 

  1. Give Her Hugs and Hair Care

Mothers rarely have the time of day to do their hair the way they would like. Give your mom the best that hair care has to offer with Majestic Pure Shea Butter and Conditioner Set

The Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner Set contains the profound benefits of shea butter, argan oil, and biotin. With intense moisturizing properties and nourishing benefits, this shampoo and conditioner set helps strengthen dry and frizzy hair. Help your mom save time in the morning by gifting her this set for healthy and shiny hair! 

  1. Be Her Reason to Smile 

A mother’s smile can mean the world. Majestic Pure is here to brighten your mom’s smile with Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening! This teeth whitening powder naturally cleanses the teeth of stains left by beverages such as coffee, tea, and wine. It contains peppermint essential oil which promotes fresher breath and brighter teeth. 

Keep your mom smiling this Mother’s Day! 

  1. Mani Pedi Magic 

You can’t have a proper spa day without the traditional mani pedi! Conclude your spa day with a salon-inspired manicure and pedicure using Majestic Pure Tea Tree Foot and Nail Soak.

This product is designed to soothe sore and tired muscles, especially your feet. Formulated with natural tea tree essential oil, it helps wash away impurities from the feet leaving them soft and moisturized. In a tub of warm water, add three tablespoons of the product. Let the feet soak in the water for upto 20 minutes while you paint your mom’s fingernails. Dry off the feet with a towel when the soaking time is complete.

We hope you enjoyed our simple 5-step spa to make this Mother’s Day memorable for you and your mom! Visit our website to shop our Mother’s Day spa specials

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