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Trending Skincare Tips and Tricks: 2022

Every year we come across new and improved skincare tips and tricks to be tested and see for their effectiveness. The year 2022 has already brought us skincare trends that you can add to your skincare routine. 

Your skincare resolutions are probably still swinging, so there’s time to make a few additions. Jump on the bandwagon with Majestic Pure as we take you through some tips and tricks to kick off the year. 

Here are the top 5 trending skincare tips and tricks that you can incorporate into your routine as early as right now! 

Top 5 Trending Skincare Tips and Tricks 

1. Knowing Your Skin 

    2022 is all about giving your skin what it needs. The keyword here is ‘your.’ What are the products that are designed for YOUR skin type? 

    There are many ways to find out what your skin type is. One way is to observe your skin and how it responds in different environments. If your skin generally tends to feel drier or oilier, you’ll know which type your skin leans to. Finding out can also be a few clicks away using any skin type quiz. Answering a few simple questions could let you know which products suit your skin and which don’t. 

    2. Double Cleanse 

      This next one could be a complete game-changer for the skin. Double cleansing can work wonders for your skin, especially when done right. 

      The process is in the name - you just have to cleanse your face twice in one go! First with an oil-based cleanser and then with water-based. This helps remove any extra dirt and oil from your face. For this trend, you will need a good cleanser that does not dry out your skin. Majestic Pure has a wide range of facial cleansers and gels, including the Acnea3 Scar Wash Foaming Cleanser, which helps to retain moisture in the skin. 

      3. Don’t Forget Sunscreen 

        In the winter months, it’s easy to forget or skip the sunscreen in our skincare routine. This year, sunscreen is making a massive comeback in any skincare. 

        Even on cloudy or snowy days when there’s no sun, your skin still needs to be protected. Incorporating sunscreen right before your moisturizer can elevate your skincare to a whole new level. 

        The trick is to keep a hydrating sunscreen that doesn’t feel greasy or oily. Often, sunscreen can also feel sticky. A hack for avoiding this is by mixing in your moisturizer to avoid stickiness. Try it out and let us know! 

        4. Sleeping Masks 

          You must have heard of facial masks, but have you ever thought of sleeping in one? Overnight masks are all the rage in 2022 because of the amazing, replenishing benefits they have for the skin. 

          Leaving a sleeping mask overnight is not only excellent for the skin but also makes for a great pamper routine at the end of a long day. 

          Before using any mask overnight, make sure it is specifically a sleeping mask. This is because the average face mask should not be left on the face longer than 20 minutes. 

          5. Glow with Vitamin C 

            Vitamin C is an incredible glow-getter for the skin. It contains powerful antioxidants that help to detoxify and cleanse the skin. 

            Majestic Pure Vitamin C Facial Serum helps to protect the skin and gives it a soft and natural glow. This Vitamin C serum is formulated to boost radiance while minimizing the effort of a full-fledged skincare routine. 

            women face glowing with Vitamin C facial serum

            Before using any Vitamin C serum, ensure that your face has been cleansed (or double cleansed!) to remove excess dirt. The Vitamin C serum should be applied as a layer under your moisturizer so that it absorbs into the skin well. 

            These were the top 5 trending skincare tips and tricks for the year 2022. Get on board with some of these trends, or start your very own! Visit the Majestic Pure store to brainstorm new and innovative ways to elevate your skincare routine this year! 

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