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The Benefits of Using a Pre-Shave Oil

Are you tired of pesky razor bumps and rough skin after a shave? If you are, that’s a sign you need to change up your shaving routine

A shaving routine is no light matter. It is an essential part of any man’s skincare routine. Well, any man who wants to get rid of his beard! The first step of any good shaving routine is a pre-shave oil. Pre-shave oil has a multitude of benefits for skin. It’s perfect for men who love a smooth and clean shave. 

Majestic Pure Sandalwood Pre Shave Oil is the perfect product to enhance your shaving routine. If you’re looking to spice things up in the skincare department, you’ve come to the right place! 

Top 5 Benefits of Pre-Shave Oil 

1) Lubrication 

    When embarking on any shaving endeavor, the rule of thumb is to ensure your skin is as moisturized as possible. Dry skin is more susceptible to cuts during shaving. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to have an efficient lubricant to protect the skin from cuts during a shave. 

    Pre-shave oil is one such lubricant that can be used before shaving. Majestic Pure Sandalwood Pre Shave Oil has emollient properties that soften the skin, helping the blade to glide across. 

    What could be more satisfying than that? 


    2) Helps Reduce Redness 

      Sometimes, shaving can leave the skin looking red afterwards. This is because of the movement of the blade against the skin which can often be abrasive and rough. 

      Majestic Pure Sandalwood Pre Shave Oil softens the facial hair, thereby helping to reduce redness. When your skin is soft, you are able to achieve a close and smooth shave. Sandalwood also replenishes the skin by restoring its moisture. It helps reduce dryness which is one of the leading causes of redness after a shave. 


      3) Fragrance 

        Pre-shave oil is an excellent way to add fragrance to your shaving routine. Using plain soap on the regular can get quite boring. Pre-shave oil adds a little something more to your shaving routine. 

        Majestic Pure Sandalwood Pre Shave Oil is a unique blend of wonderful ingredients that contribute to its irresistible fragrance. The sandalwood oil contains a blend of aloe vera, lavender essential oil and peppermint essential oil. This particular blend is incredibly refreshing and uplifting. The perfect addition to a routine that lacks oomph and personality is a dash of fragrance! 

        4) Glow and Radiance 

          Pre-shave oil is not just meant to give you the perfect shave but also the perfect glow. The oil makes your skin softer which makes it appear smooth and radiant. 

          A clean shave is not just one that is free of cuts but one that reveals the natural texture of your skin underneath. It is a way to prepare that skin for its curtain call when it’s time to shave. 

          Don’t you think your skin deserves to shine? 

          Glow and Radiance

          5) Helps Reduce Ingrown Hairs 

            If you know how it feels to have them removed, you’ll know that ingrown hairs can be a huge pain! Literally. 

            You can try avoiding these by using the right tools during shaving i.e. pre-shave oil. The oil helps to soften the facial hair, removing it swiftly. This helps reduce the risk of ingrown hairs which are often developed when there is breakage or when the skin is rough. 

            Now that you know the top five benefits of using pre-shave oil, don’t be afraid to change up your shaving routine. Keep things fresh and fun with Majestic Pure and our beard-tastic products. Visit the Majestic Pure store to explore more products for your shaving routine like our After Shave Balm. Happy Shopping! 

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