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How to use sore muscle massage oils

How to use sore muscle massage oils

Sore muscle massage oils are an excellent source of relaxation for the body. One of the many reasons why spa treatments are seeked out in popularity is due to the quality massage oils they use to soothe the body. 

And why wouldn’t they? Sore muscle massage oils are perfect for soothing the tired and aching muscles, allowing you to feel rejuvenated after a massage. 

Here are some of the many benefits of using sore muscle massage oils: 

Benefits of Using Sore Muscle Massage Oils 

Massage oils are a part of an ancient Ayurvedic tradition that are meant to facilitate comfort, ease, and relaxation. Adding warm sore muscle massage oils can do wonders for your body while also enhancing the massage experience. The massage oils add more smooth movements to the massage, nourishing the skin as they are spread across the surface. 

Some additional benefits of sore muscle massage oils include: 

  • Aids in anxious feelings 
  • Promotes mental alertness
  • Promotes restful sleep 

In order to unlock all these amazing benefits of sore muscle massage oils, Majestic Pure has curated a complete guide to using some of the best massage oils for relaxation. 

The Complete Guide to Using Sore Muscle Massage Oils

warm up your oil

  1. Warm Up Your Oil 

The first step in our 10-step guide is fairly simple and it involves heating up your massage oil. Heating up your oil to a temperature that is just warm enough is incredibly beneficial for your skin and definitely elevates the massage experience. The hot, but not too harsh, oil will absorb much quicker into the skin, helping you to relax a lot faster. 

marinade in the oil

  1. Marinade in the Oil 

After you’ve applied the warm oil once, allow it to sit on the skin surface so that it absorbs nicely. This also allows your skin to absorb the benefits of the nourishing ingredients inside the massage oil. For this step, it would be preferable to use a massage oil with a lightweight formula such as the Majestic Pure Cellulite Massage Oil. This oil not only makes your skin supple and moisturized, it will also aid in toning muscles and make them appear more firm. This oil is lightweight and it also helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite and tone the skin. 

perfect your technique

  1. Perfect Your Technique 

The best way to deliver a divine massage is to perfect the movements of your massage. The recommended mode of massage is to use circular movements, first in a counterclockwise direction and then in a clockwise direction. This technique can be used for your abdomen, back, joints, and chest. In more sensitive areas of the body, be sure not to apply too much pressure. A light hand and the right directions are the trick to a massage you won’t soon forget. 

add more sore muscle massage oil

  1. Add More Oil 

When you feel that the massage is getting tiresome, it would be a good idea to add more sore muscle massage oil. This is especially helpful when massaging the palms of the hand and soles of the feet. Adding more of the massage oil facilitates the movement across your body so the more oil you add the better! 

add hot rocks

  1. Add Hot Rocks 

You’ve probably seen hot rock massages being practiced in a lot of places. Hot rocks help to ease muscle pain and reduce tension in joints. Usually, hot rocks are intended for your back, along your spine. After applying sore muscle massage oils, it would do wonders to add hot rocks on top. 

  1. Jade or Crystal Rollers 

Jade and Crystal Rollers have gained immense popularity lately. They are meant to be cooled in a refrigerator after which they are to be used on the skin and body. The main benefit of using the jade roller is to promote circulation and relieve tension in certain areas of the body. The best way to use the roller is to push the skin upwards to promote elasticity and firmness. 

  1. A Hot Bath 

A great way to conclude your massage would be to take a hot bath afterward. Not only is this additional relaxation but also incredibly beneficial to soothe sore and tired muscles. If you want to add even more value to your bath, use Majestic Pure Cellulite Massage Body Scrub for an extra boost for smooth and toned skin after a massage. 

Get better massages using all these techniques and thank us later! To explore our full range of sore muscle massage oils, visit our store and shop now!


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