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How To Protect Your Skin During Fall

Autumn is a season of transition and change. Trees embrace new colors. The air is now a bit chilly and dry. The weather is crispy and cool. There is an aura of freshness and novelty. While the changes in nature are more prominent, the difference in your skin occurs gradually. The shift from warm to cool weather first strips off moisture then causes dryness, which leads to flakiness, and results in the most lamented of beauty concernsdull complexion.

To enjoy the dynamic aura of the Fall Season whilst protecting the skin from its transitory cool and windy weather, make a few preparations and adjust your existing regimen. Don’t worry. You are not alone. We are here to help. Here is what you need to do:

Ways to Protect Your Skin From Fall

  • Say No More to Long Hot Showers

The already dry fall air paired with drying hot water is a recipe for dehydrated and irritated skin. Hot water affects keratin cells present on the uppermost layer, the epidermis, making the texture rough and lackluster. It can worsen existing skin conditions like eczema, sensitivity, and itchiness. Instead, bathe in lukewarm water and preserve the natural oils you need for a fresh and radiant look.

  • Make Moisturizer Your Best Friend

Even if dryness has always been the least of your skin issues, you still need an extra dose of moisturization to tackle cooler weather. You will feel your skin getting tight, stiff, and flaky after cleansing. Dryness is also one of the significant causes behind outbreaks and redness. Using a thick, oil-based moisturizer is the right fit for the fall skincare ritual.


  • Switch to a More Hydrating Soap

Because cleansing is that step in your ritual which you do on a daily basis (hopefully) than all other steps,  it could be a deal-breaker for maintaining skin’s vitality. A soap that suits your skin type and caters to its needs will keep it smooth, supple, and young for a long time. Comparatively, a soap that doesn’t meet the current requirements of your skin would make it look dull and slowly decrease its natural luminosity and charm. It is as simple as that.

For the fall season, you want a hydrating body wash like Tea Tree and Mint Body Wash to refresh, relax and revitalize the skin while removing impurities and dirt. It works well for all skin types. 

  • Keep Applying Sunscreen As Usual

Protection from sun damage must be a year-round skincare practice. Sun is constantly emitting UV rays irrespective of clouds, rain, or cold weather. Frequent sun exposure accelerates the aging process, making it susceptible to premature wrinkles and fine lines, depriving it of youthful suppleness. Wearing sunscreen every day when you step out is more of a favor than protection for your skin during fall. 


  • Buy Yourself A Fancy Humidifier

Indeed, you can't control the dry environment outside, but you can take charge of the temperature indoors. Now that fall season is in full swing and heating systems have been turned on, the is struggling with environmental stress. The dry weather outdoors and hot air indoors is a combination that disturbs hydration levels of the lipid barrier. Humidifiers balance humidity levels in the environment, increase hydration, preventing the skin from getting dry and dehydrated. 

  • Regular Exfoliation to Uncover Fresh Complexion

Dead cell buildup accompanied by bacteria and excess oils covers your skin with a rough layer. This layer does not let moisturizers, serums, sunscreen, or mists penetrate, keeping your epidermis from getting the products’ benefits. Regular exfoliation helps buff away rough cells and impurities to reveal a fresh, glowing, and renewed complexion. It also leaves the skin feeling soft and soothed, making it glow from within. 

  • Hand Care with Thick Cream

Hand washing is crucial for maintaining good personal hygiene. But when the fall season sets in, repeated washing can lead to cracks, calluses, and roughness. This happens because the skin on the back of your hands is thinner and has fewer oil glands. The lack of moisture in the air would make your hands susceptible to early wrinkling. Providing moisturization with a thick, 

heavy, and nurturing cream will improve softness and smoothness, despite frequent cleansing.

Now that it has been established that you need to revamp your skincare routine every season. There is no harm in trying some new and better products to enhance your skincare ritual. 

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