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Body Washes to Make You Smell Like a Dream

Before the creation of body washes, who knew that you could smell good throughout the day, even long after taking a shower. Aside from leaving delightful scents on your skin, body washes rejuvenate the complexion, ease dryness, boost softness, and tackle concernsif only you choose the right one from the sea of options. There are exfoliating cleansers, rich-leathering formulas, ultra-moisturizing gels, heavily scented soaps, and so on. 

Each of them carries a unique scent and set of ingredients to improve your skin’s glow and meet your personal aromatic preferences. To make your search easier, we have enlisted some of Majestic Pure’s fan-favorite body washes below:

The Best Smelling Body Washes for All Skin Types

1) Tea Tree Mint Wash

Infused with exotic fragrances of essential oils, Tea Tree Mint Wash is a refreshing delight for the senses. It contains hydrating coconut water, soothing glycerin, moisturizing cocoa butter with softening olive oil, and tocopherol (vitamin E). This body wash should be part of your everyday get-clean routine to keep your skin feeling awake, rejuvenated, and ultra-soft all day long. Also lovely, there are no harsh chemicals included in this formula, a safe and effective body cleanser for daily use of all skin types.  

2) Natural Body Wash with Lychee Extract

The star ingredient in this body wash, lychee extract, is a rich source of vitamin C that boosts skin suppleness and smoothness for a visibly youthful appearance. Other ingredients in presence are coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, olive oil, peppermint oil, and hydrogenated cranberry oil. It leaves behind a soothing and therapeutic scent that helps you relax and unwind during the shower and lingers on your skin for a long time. With regular use of Natural Body Wash with Lyche Extract, you will notice visible luminosity in your complexion and softness in texture. This gentle cleanser works well for all skin types. 

Natural Body Wash with Lychee Extract

3) Natural Body Wash with Blueberry Extract

Natural Body Wash with Blueberry Extract is an undeniable luxury for those looking for a gentle, soothing, and easy lathering formula. It cleanses, clarifies, and softens with beneficial ingredients like linseed oil, coconut water, cocoa butter, glycerin, and jojoba oil. In addition, this body wash features the pleasant and sweet notes of blueberry extract and peppermint oil that last for hours. Better yet, this body wash is free of sulfates and parabens, and it suits all skin types. 

4) Natural Body Wash with Passion Fruit Extract

For those who prefer sweet, luxurious, and delicious scents, we suggest you try Natural Body Wash with Passion Fruit Extract. Containing a series of essential oils, moisturizing nutrients, and mild cleansers, this body wash ensures skin wellness, rejuvenation, and good hygiene. It replenishes dryness, soothes itchiness, tones complexion, and leaves your skin feeling energized and hydrated. It is a cruelty-free product for all skin types, including dry, normal, and sensitive. 


5) Natural Body Wash with Lingonberry Extract

Powerful plant-derived and nature-approved ingredients come together to form our Natural Body Wash with Lingonberry Extract. It uses the musky and sweet scent of lingonberry extract that leaves you feeling lovely and amazing. Meanwhile, the combination of natural oils, vitamin E, and body butters gives your skin a silky-soft feel and refreshed look. You can use this versatile liquid body soap as hand wash, foot soap, and body cleanser. This excellent body wash is a good option for everyday use of all skin types, men and women. 

Natural Body Wash with Lingonberry Extract

6) Tea Tree Body Wash with Vegan Collagen 

We all love to smell good, but getting a body wash that also cleanses, moisturizes, and soothes the skin would be a true treat. For that, our Tea Tree Body Wash with Vegan Collagen is a popular choice. It contains tea tree oil, vegan collagen, eucalyptus oil, Himalayan salt, vitamins B5, E, glycerin, and numerous other skin-loving ingredients. With this broad-spectrum and optimized formula, this body wash will help you with skin concerns like dryness, roughness, irritations, and itchiness. All skin types can use this body wash for everyday use. 


Looking for safe, authentic, and nature-impowered body care products, visit our shop to discover our extensive collection. 

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