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Apple Cider Vinegar: A Skin-Loving Ingredient

Apple Cider Vinegar: A Skin-Loving Ingredient

Apple cider vinegar is an incredible ingredient that offers many health and beauty benefits. It is made by crushing and squeezing apples to take out its liquid. The extracted liquid is fermented by adding bacteria and yeast to produce vinegar. During the fermentation process, a compound called acetic acid is produced in the vinegar, which is known to exhibit purifying and clarifying properties. In addition, apple cider vinegar contains citric acid, alpha-hydroxy, amino and malic acids, vitamins, enzymes, and mineral salts. These compounds exhibit hydrating, exfoliating, cleansing, nourishing, and neutralizing properties for healthier, smoother, and clearer looking skin.

However, apple cider vinegar is not a new entrant to the cosmetics industry. It has a long history of usage in natural skincare and hair care remedies dating back to the era of ancient Egyptians. They had developed apple cider vinegar from soured apple wines and used it for various beautifying purposes. They would use it to lighten the appearance of scars and blemishes, soothe dryness and brighten the complexion. Today, apple cider vinegar is a popular ingredient in many DIY skincare recipes, as well as in commercial beauty care products. Majestic Pure's Apple Cider Vinegar Face Mask is carefully crafted with apple cider vinegar as a key ingredient to promote the skin's health. It has a unique combination of ingredients incorporated to offer beautifying and soothing benefits to the skin. Here are some skin-nourishing benefits of apple cider vinegar:

Balances Skin's pH Level

Our skin's outer surface is covered with a thin and protective layer called the acid mantle. The acid mantle protects the skin from pollutants, UV rays, toxins, bacteria, and other environmental stressors. The pH level of a healthy skin is 7, any number below or above it affects the health of acid mantle. The weak acid mantle is unable to fight the skin-damaging effects of environmental stressors, which can lead to irritation, itchiness, dryness, and infections on the skin. Apple cider vinegar has high acidic levels, which help balance the skin's pH level, strengthening the skin's outer layer. Moreover, due to its hydrating properties, apple cider vinegar keeps the skin looking fresh, firm, and smooth.

Exfoliates the Skin

Exfoliation is our skin's natural process. Every 20-25 days, our skin goes through a natural turnover cycle, shedding dead skin cells, and replacing it with healthy ones. As we get older, the skin's natural turnover cycle slows down, leaving dead skin cells on the skin's outer surface. The unshed skin cells cause the skin to appear discolored, rough, dull, and tired. Our skin needs routine exfoliation to maintain a healthy and smooth appearance and texture. Apple cider vinegar is an incredible natural skin exfoliator. In its chemical composition, apple cider vinegar contains malic acid, which gently exfoliates dead skin cells from the skin's surface, leaving it feeling softer, smoother, and clearer. Moreover, it is known to promote skin's natural turnover cycle, leaving the skin with a bright and healthy texture and appearance.

Soothes Acne-Prone Skin

Acne is a common skincare concern that affects a large population of people, especially teenagers. It develops when excess oils, bacteria, impurities, and dead skin cells clog pores. The clogging in skin pores leads to inflammation, redness, irritation, and breakouts. Acne can occur in any area of the body, but it mostly develops on the face, shoulders, and chest. Apple cider vinegar soothes acne-prone skin and prevents it from future breakouts. It contains acetic acid which unclogs pores, fights acne-causing bacteria and soothes inflammation, redness, and irritation with its purifying properties. It also contains hydroxyl acid that exfoliates dead skin cells, absorbs excess oils, improving the skin's health and texture.  Furthermore, due to its astringent properties, apple cider vinegar helps tighten skin pores, leaving the skin feeling firmer, clearer, and smoother.

Helps Fade the Appearance of Dark Spots and Scars

Dark spots or hyperpigmentation can develop anywhere on the skin. However, dark spots are more likely to occur on those areas of skin which are regularly exposed to UV rays. Darks spots develop when some spots on the skin produce more melanin pigments than other areas. Dark spots are not a health care concern, but they make the skin appear discolored and dull. There are many factors that can cause dark spots, including hormonal changes, sun damage, medications, acne, wounds, skin irritation, and internal illnesses.

Apple cider vinegar is an exceptional ingredient that can help lighten the appearance of dark spots and scars because it contains malic acid. Malic acid is known to reduce melanin production on the skin, improving the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Moreover, malic acid exfoliates the skin, revealing a healthier, clearer, and brighter layer of skin. It is also known to support collagen production and promote skin's firmness, leaving the skin looking youthful and supple.

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