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9 Reasons Why Your Skincare Products Are Not Working

9 Reasons Why Your Skincare Products Are Not Working

If your skincare routine has stopped showing results that you were slathering on before, then you are at the right place! Even the most intricately planned skincare routine may have flaws! Skincare products can be enticing, but having a well-thought-out skincare routine is vital for your general well-being. 

As far as skincare is concerned—Not everything works! 

You might have adopted the best skincare routine, and it still might not be effective!  

In this blog, we will dissect all the reasons your skincare can become ineffective!

9 Reasons Your Skin Care Isn't Working!

Let's shed some light on why our skincare can stop being as effective as they were!  

Products Have Reached Expiry

Most people often tend to ignore the labels of skin products. However, keeping track of the expiry date is essential for them to work.

Like most food products, skincare products also have an expired date. When they have reached an expiry, they don't remain as effective and can even be harmful to your skin. So, you must pay attention to the labels so you know which products to pick from the shelves. 

It's Your Hormones

If you have an ideal skincare regime with expensive products from all around the world, and you follow it consistently, and it doesn't seem to show results, then maybe it's your hormones that have a mind of their own!  

The female body goes through specific changes in every age group. Your hormone levels fluctuate all through the month. These changes can affect your skin, making it dry, irritated, or oily. These unfavorable skin conditions can become a problem for you. Take care and pay close attention to the time of the month. Pamper your skin in those times with the right kind of products. Majestic Pure Aloe Vera Gel with Lavender Oil is a soothing gel with calming properties you can surely try.


No Proper Storage

Many products contain active ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin E, and essential oils that can degrade due to improper storage.

It would be best if you read the labels for any instructions regarding storage. Some products even need to be refrigerated or kept out of the sun as well.

You're Not Exfoliating

Exfoliation is a great way to remove residue, dirt, and dead cells from the skin. When dead cells accumulate on the skin, your serums and skincare might be rendered ineffective. So, not having a proper exfoliation routine can be one of the reasons why your skin isn't responding.

Majestic Pure British Rose Face and Body Rose Gel

It will help if you use a gentle scrub at least once or twice a week so that your skin stays clear of dead cell buildup. Majestic Pure British Rose Face and Body Rose Gel hydrates, moisturizes and rejuvenates skin and face while revealing squeaky clean skin.  

You’re Missing Out On Your Cleansing Regime

Your cleansing regime needs an upgrade! Cleansing is the first step for a good skincare regime. Using a suitable cleanser with gentle clarifying properties can be a great way to head start your skincare routine.

Majestic Pure Acne 3 Scar Wash

Your skincare products can only work correctly when your skin is appropriately cleansed and clear of dirt and impurities. If you apply high-end products on uncleansed skin, they will do no good for you! Majestic Pure Acne 3 Scar Wash is a lightweight hydrating cleanser that is great for any scars and blemishes. 

Your Skin is Adapting

Don't you get used to your routine tasks? Well, our body does too. 

Many people have a common query, does your skin get used to products and stop working? Well, Yes, it does! Your skin becomes used to specific products after consistent use. If you've used a product for a long time, then your skin can become accustomed and may stop responding, considering it a routine practice. One way to avoid this is to keep rotating between products after some time. So, your skin doesn't get time to adapt.

You're Not Layering Products Properly

Your skincare needs to be in a specific order to work correctly. Maybe you aren't layering your skincare products, right! Lightweight products go first and heavy ones later. 

Also, make sure you use the right combination of products. Avoid using excessive and complicated regimes that can overwhelm the skin.

You are Forgetting Weather Change

You're not alone if you think that skincare is complicated. Various factors may play a role in affecting your skin, and one factor is the weather! 

The weather affects your skincare regime in many ways. So, it would be best if you changed your skincare routine according to the seasons too. Winter makes your skin go dry and irritated—requiring a hydrating regime, whereas the summers make your skin oily and sweaty, requiring a lightweight regime.

So, you need to change your skincare accordingly!

You Aren't Consistent 

Consistency is the key! Your skin needs immense care and attention. However, it would be best if you were consistent with your efforts. 

You can have the best regimen, but the results will not appear if you aren't consistent. If you're using a skincare regimen every now and then and wondering what went wrong. Your answer is right here! 

All these things, if kept into consideration, can make your skincare more effective!

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