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8 Rules to Layer Your Skincare Products the Right Way! blog

8 Rules to Layer Your Skincare Products the Right Way!

Skincare is all fun and games until you realize the fancy products you have been applying are not giving the outcome you want. Maybe the problem is not with the efficacy or potency of the products. Perhaps the problem is in the order you are applying the products. 

Just as there is a correct procedure to go about every important thing in life, there is a particular procedure to get the desired result from a skincare regimen. Besides, what good will come out of layering your skin with product after product when it doesn’t penetrate? Instead, it will do the exact opposite of what you wantclogging pores, acne breakouts, discoloration, and so on. 

To maximize the benefits and get the fullest potential of ingredients, here are 8 rules for layering skincare products the right way:

The Complete Guide to Skincare Layering

Always Start With A Cleanser

Cleansing before the application of any other product is more of a favor to your skin than a mere step. When dirt, excess oils, and impurities settle on the surface, neither moisturizers nor serums would be able to get their job done. Rather, the products will accumulate and pair with impurities to cause buildup, leaving your complexion looking even more dull and lackluster. 

The lightweight, easy absorbing, and hydrating Acnea3 Cleanser washes away impurities without drying out the skin or stripping off natural oils. It promotes a visibly clear, fresh, and glowing look with a soft, smooth feel. 

Mask Up Once A Week 

Facial masks don’t have to be the second step in your daily routine, but they should be invited to the beauty care scene once every 2-3  weeks. However, the type of mask you select depends on your skin’s needs. For example, clay masks are great for rejuvenation, peel off masks remove blackheads, and sheet masks help unclog pores. 


Dead Sea Mud Mask features aloe vera gel, potato starch, shea butter, jojoba oil, and other skin-loving ingredients to reveal the healthy glow hidden behind the lifeless layer. It reduces the appearance of blemishes and discoloration and enhances skin radiance and vibrancy. And FYI, it suits all skin types.

Use A Toner for Boost of Hydration

Toners and mists are meant to ensure there aren’t traces of impurities or dirt left after cleansing. You should apply them on a damp face to replenish through hydration, balance pH levels, remove dead cells, and support a refreshed and renewed appearance. Plus, due to their astringent properties, toners enhance firmness and elasticity.

If your skin is feeling a bit rough and dry, Aloe Vera Hydra Mist will give it a smooth and moisturized finish. It contains Vitamin C and Pure Aloe Vera gGel, famous for their radiance-boosting impact. Just a spray would help your skin feel calm and soothed. 

Skin Vitality With Serums

Every day your skin encounters countless harmful and stressful factors, primarily free radicals. The independent molecules, aka free radicals, cause oxidative stress, accelerate the aging process, and damage the skin’s overall wellbeing. Serums made with potent antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin E provide a protective barrier to the skin, enhancing its vitality and resilience. 

We recommend Vitamin C Serum with Vegan Collagen to provide antioxidant care to improve the firmness and texture. It contains a fortifying and rejuvenating combination of vitamin C, E, green tea extract, vegan collagen, and aloe vera to soothe and plump your skin. 

Spot Treatment for Clearer Looking Complexion

Behind a visibly clear and radiant complexion is a scar cream that gets busy reducing the appearance of blemishes and discoloration as they come. It is a necessary and logical step in a skincare regimen for anyone who struggles with acne breakouts. After toner, dab the scar cream on the desired area and let it absorb fully. 

A blend of frankincense oil, tea tree oil, shea butter accompanied with glycerin, and rosemary oil in Majestic pure Scar Cream helps you tackle blemishes, breakouts, and scars. Let it absorb for a few minutes to smooth and soothe the skin. 

spot treatment and eye cream

Eye Creams for Youthful Look

Up next are the softening eye creams. The skin under the eyes is thinner and more delicate than the rest of your face. Therefore, it is more prone to early signs of aging, wrinkles, fine lines, and discoloration. A beneficial eye cream will help reduce puffiness, dark circles, and under-eye bags, giving you a smooth, bright, and youthful look.

Find an eye cream that features nurturing and restorative ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin K, retinoids, and caffeine to firm up your skin and refresh the complexion. 

Soothe Dryness with Moisturizers

Dryness is the most lamented skincare concern. It becomes the root cause of many other skin imperfections such as dull complexion, itchiness, irritations, breakouts, rough texture, and more. A moisturizer helps soothe, smooth, and soften the skin, leaving it looking healthy and happy. But, make sure the moisturizer you use suits your skin type. 


Tea Tree Face Cream supports a fresh, dewy, and even-toned complexion. Infused with ceramides, tea tree oil, shea butter, and glycerine, this cream is a power-packed source of deep hydration. 

Lock in Moisture With Face Oil

Facial oils should be the last step in your skincare routine. After providing moisturization, the occlusive properties of the oils seal in moisture and protect your skin from damaging elements. Furthermore, oils are abundant with essential fatty acids and nutrients that improve the natural glow and provide soft touch.

The key benefits of rosehip oil can be attributed to its nutrient-rich constitution. It supports soft and smooth texture, soothes irritations, increases suppleness, and encourages a visibly bright and fresh complexion. It is a great oil for all skin types, including acne-prone oily, dry, and combination. 

Lastly, the best regimen is the one that works for your skin. Whether you follow a simple ritual or apply multiple skincare products, it is all about getting the desired results. If you are looking for pure and natural skincare products to revamp your routine, take a tour of our online shop to explore an extensive collection made with care and love only—no cruelty and harsh chemicals involved!

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