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7 Things You Need to Know When Starting a New Skin Care Regimen

7 Things You Need to Know When Starting a New Skin Care Regimen

Juggling between new products can be exciting for all skincare devotees. New sheet masks, fancy scrubs, and serums make our skin happy and glowing! Trying new and hyped products makes many excited! 

However, changing your skincare regime comes with specific challenges that most people tend to overlook. You should definitely try a new regime or adopt a new product, but there are specific pointers to keep in mind while you do that. 

7 Things To Remember When Changing Your Skin Care Regimen!

1-Look For Authentic Products

The first step in understanding how to introduce new skincare products is to choose wisely. You need to look for authentic products that have genuine ingredients and somewhat an organic touch. Don't go about putting everything and anything on your face. Be particular about your skincare products starting today. Majestic Pure has a fantastic range of organic products, from skincare to haircare, you name it! 

2-Know Your Skin Type

This one pointer is very basic yet often ignored! You can only have the most effective and personalized skincare routine when you know your skin type. If you have dry skin, you can not adopt products designed especially for oily skin and vice versa. Those products for a specific skin type will do you no benefit. So knowing your skin type is a primary concept to begin with.

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3-Stay Alert about Allergies

Before incorporating a new product into your skincare regimen, you need to stay alert about possible reactions and allergies. You should always do a patch test before trying any new product on your face. 

When you try on a new product, keep in check for irritation, redness, and pain. Also, your skin can start to break out when starting a new skincare routine. If you have any of the above signs, then you need to wash the product off immediately and stay clear of such products. Allergic reactions can result in disastrous consequences, so be very vigilant about any allergies.

4-Give Your Skin Time

Let your skin breathe. Don't have unrealistic expectations. Your skin needs time to ease into a new routine.

So, starting a new product can sometimes result in tingling, dry or flaky skin. However, be particular that this is just your skin changing its course and not an allergic outcome. Be patient, and your skin will resonate with you soon enough.


5-Be Patient for Results

Even if you follow all the basic skincare routine steps, the results will require consistency and patience. 

Most products will show their effects as late as two months. Also, even if you're following a skincare routine order in the morning and night, your skin still needs some time to show visible results.
For products like hyaluronic acid serum with vegan collagen and vitamin c serum with vegan collagen, these products take time showing results. The key factor is steadiness and determination! 

6-Try One Product at A Time

You need to start one by one. Don't go about swapping your whole routine in a jolt. Change one product at a time and let your skin adapt! Add a new product again after alternate days. Take it slow and see the magic.

If you follow a daily skincare routine at home, it can be successful only if you are conscious about introducing new products and how many!

7-Know When to Quit

You cannot go on with a skincare regime that does not suit your skin. So, knowing when to quit is highly essential. If a product has failed to ease into your routine and show results, then you need to quit as soon as possible. Maybe try something that will work for you rather than a routine that doesn't work.

Your skin is an asset, so invest with care!

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