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6 Reasons for Dry Lips: How To Hydrate Them Naturally

Dry lips are one of the most uncomfortable and annoying of all skin concerns. When the skin on your lips starts to peel off due to dryness, it leaves cracks and abrasions that dont quickly heal. Anything you apply to cracked lips causes burning sensations, irritations, and pain. Especially during winter’s chilled weather or in dehydration, the lips get increasingly dry, dehydrated, and flaky, leading to chapped lips. 

If you have been dealing with the nuisance of dry lips, you need to know the reasons that contribute to lips dryness first. To keep your lips plump, soft, and glossy, we have enlisted 6 reasons for dry lips and how to soothe them!

Reasons why your lips get dry

6 Reasons Why Your Lips Get Dry

1. Dehydration

    Not only does water improve your skin’s elasticity and suppleness, but it also promotes healthy and smooth lips. Proper hydration ensures all your vital organs, including the skin, stay in their healthiest condition and fights the early signs of aging. Your lips’ skin is thin and more delicate than the other areas of your skin, and therefore the effects of dehydration show up on your lips earlier hence the dryness, cracking, and peeling. 

    2. Dry Indoors

      Dry weather accompanied by indoor heatings deprives your lips of necessary moisturization. Your lips dry out ten times faster than the rest of the skin of your face, and they require extra protection and care to prevent dryness and irritations. Whereas in summers, the exposure to sun and hot climate combine to make your lips feel tight and rough. 

      3. Absence of Oil Glands On Lips

        The skin on the lips does not contain oil glands, because of which they are more prone to dryness and damaging effects of external aggressors. The function of oil glands is to produce moisture on the skin to protect natural barrier function. This inability to create their own moisture exposes your lips to harsh weather conditions, environmental elements, and dryness. 


        4. Excessive Licking and Picking

          Licking the dry lips and picking the peeling bits may give you temporary comfort, but it makes the problem worse for you. It leads to bleeding, discoloration, irritations, scarring, and loss of hydration. Also, saliva has the tendency to evaporate quickly, and it will leave your lips to feel drier than they were before you licked, drying out the natural moisture. 

          5. Using Poor Quality Lips Balms

            Poor quality and chemically loaded products containing unsuitable ingredients will not give you the expected results. In fact, all they will do is irritate your already vulnerable and cracked lips. Avoid using lip balms made with mineral oils, menthol, camphor, phenol, or any form of alcohol. These constituents may provide an immediate cooling effect, but they remove your skin’s outer protective layer over time, making it prone to free radicals, pollutants, and environmental hazards. 

            6. Wearing Protective Face Masks

              Wearing protective face masks in social settings, gatherings, and public places has been mandatory ever since the Covid outbreak. These protective face masks protect you and others from viruses and germs, but their excessive use is not suitable for your lips. The environment inside the face mask is quite dry, which combines with the warmth of breath, making your lips prone to dryness and irritations. 

              How To Hydrate Dry Lips Naturally

              • Aloe Vera Gel: It replenishes the skin, soothes irritations, improves softness, and increases hydration levels. The enzymes in aloe vera gel also help exfoliate dead cells and reduce the look of blemishes, discoloration, and dark patches on the lips. You can either buy Pure Aloe Vera Gel or extract it from the aloe plant leaf. 

              aloe vera gel

              • Fractionated Coconut Oil: Moisturization is what your dry lips need the most to feel better and heal, and rich moisturization is what you will get from fractionated coconut oil. It absorbs quickly, calms dryness, rejuvenates the skin, leaving your lips looking plump, glossy, and smooth. You can apply Fractionated Coconut Oil directly on your lips or make a DIY lip balm recipe with this oil. 

              fractionated coconut oil

              • Use A Humidifier: When the winter chill brings dryness and a general lack of softness to your skin and lips, increase the moisture in the environment indoors with humidifiers. These devices improve humidity levels inside your home and help your skin and lips retain moisture to stay hydrated naturally. Add a few drops of hydrating essential oils such as lemon oil, orange oil, and peppermint oil into your humidifier for better results. 

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              Along with providing sufficient moisturization, drinking enough water, and protecting against environmental elements, use plant-based ingredients, beeswax, and natural oils to soothe dry lips. That way, you can naturally avoid dryness, irritations, and painful peeling of lips’ skin without relying on chemically induced lip balms. 

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